Moms Football Safety Clinic

Posted Dec 3, 2013

Mothers attended a Football Safety Clinic hosted by the Chiefs and NFL Commissioner

On Tuesday, the Chiefs hosted a Football Safety Clinic at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex specifically geared to mothers of youth football players. This is only the second time the NFL has joined with a team to host an event of this kind and nearly 300 mothers participated in the clinic.

“This is a great event for local mothers to learn the proper techniques of hitting, equipment fitting, hydration and safety; basically anything you need for your child to be a great little league football star,” Shawn Barber, Chiefs Ambassador and former player explained. “We are informing mothers on warning signs of concussions, the symptoms and then what to do if your child has suffered a concussion.”

This exclusive clinic, held in conjunction with USA Football’s “Heads Up Football” program, included a seminar-style discussion about concussions, proper nutrition and heat and hydration led by medical professionals from The University of Kansas Hospital.

“This is empowering moms to be able to protect their children, help them, and to be prepared for if their child gets a concussion,” Tavia Hunt noted. “This is a wonderful opportunity for moms across the Midwest to learn how to protect their children and to be empowered with knowledge going forward.”

Following the concussion seminar, participants then broke into smaller groups and participated in an on-field Heads Up tackling session, led by USA Football's Manager of Football Development Andy Ryland, as well as former Chiefs players.

“This helps bring the parents down on the field and educates them on the sport itself,” Jeff Miller, Senior Vice President of Health and Safety Policy for the NFL, explained. “Teaching the mothers the tackling techniques gives them a better understanding for what their sons are doing, as well as educating them on the proper techniques.”

To conclude the event, special guests, including NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, and Chiefs Chairman and CEO Clark Hunt, led a panel discussion and a Q&A session for the mothers.

 “These moms are here to learn and are seeking out the information from some incredible experts, mothers or wives of NFL players, and those in the league who are able to offer some advice and insights,” Diane Long, wife of Pro Football Hall of Famer Howie Long and mother of two sons in the NFL, commented. “It’s important for mothers to seek out information on and be more educated on the sport. I’m so proud that so many mothers from the Kansas City area participated in this event and are becoming more informed on the proper techniques and signs of concussions.”

To view more photos of the event click here.

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