New Arrowhead by the Numbers

Posted Jul 23, 2010

Interesting construction facts about The New Arrowhead

  • 10,850,299 linear feet of steel rebar were used on the project - equal to 36,168 football fields
  • 1,570 tons of steel were used in The New Arrowhead
  • 115,096,950 wet pounds of concrete were utilized in the renovation equaling 57.5 tons, or the weight of 10 apache helicopters
  • 1,147 days of construction from groundbreaking on July 25, 2007 to the grand opening on September 13, 2010
  • 1,978,000 hours of construction labor were devoted to the project
  • 1,000 construction workers, approximately the number of laboreres on site during the peak of the renovation process in the summer of 2009
  • 2,149 32-inch televisions would equal the size of the two ArrowVision HD video boards that measure 37 x 150 feet and 42 x 100 feet, respectively
  • 28,000-square foot Chiefs Hall of Honor showcasing exhibits and artifacts from the franchise's illustrious history
  • 231,000 gross square footage of the VIP Club Level equaling the size of the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City
  • 2,074 linear feet of digital ribbon board circling the stadium
  • 5,000-square foot team store, open year-round
  • 356 seats available for fans with disabilities, almost a 300 percent increase
  • 40-foot-wide concourses, large enough to park five semi-trucks side by side
  • 1,172 toilet fixtures, an 83 percent increase
  • 100 additional desktop work spaces for members of the media
  • 445 concession purchase points for fans, a 47 percent increase
  • 850 panels of glass were installed throughout the stadium
  • 22,134 trees and plants were landscaped on theNew Arrowhead grounds


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