New Chiefs Chop song makes Arrowhead debut in 2012

Posted Sep 8, 2012

Kansas City Chiefs and Banshee Music create “Chiefs Chop”, a new game day song for the Chiefs Kingdom

In order to continue the trend of making Arrowhead loud, rowdy and potentially even more deafening, the Kansas City Chiefs partnered with Banshee Music to create a song specifically for Chiefs fans, “Chiefs Chop.”

The song was derived from the passion and vision of none other than a Chiefs fan who also happens to be the creator of the song and a producer for Banshee Music.  Edsel grew up as a Chiefs fan so writing the song was a labor of love.

“This was an easy project for me as I am a die-hard Chiefs fan and have been since I was a kid,” Edsel said. “I've been to Arrowhead and I understand what it means to be passionate about the red and gold. I was super excited when I got this assignment…”

Edsel made sure to include game day components from Arrowhead Stadium.

“The first thing I imagined doing was working in some of the crowd elements that already take place at Arrowhead on Sundays. It worked out really well. I'm really happy with it,” Edsel said about the finished project.

It only took a few days and Edsel produced the song which he says celebrates the team.

“Honestly, it’s a challenge to write and produce a ‘cool’ song about a football team. There is an element of campiness that just can't be avoided. Taking those factors into consideration, I think it captures the spirit of the team. I'm a true fan so I was just celebrating our team in a very honest, genuine way.”

John Canaday, Vice President of Sports Marketing, said this song was created to give the Chiefs a unique song primarily for the fans.

“Our goal is to give the organization something that no other team can play, and set up fans with a propitiatory piece of music for the Chiefs organization,” Canaday said. “That’s part of the uniqueness; it was created and is exclusive for Chiefs fans.”

Canaday said that when creating the song the end goal was to energize the fans.

“I hope that fans embrace it, become accustom to it, and enjoy it…We want it to be a song that fans come to love. Hopefully we see fans playing it at tailgates, in the stadium, on the radio, and it becomes another way to celebrate the passion for the team.”

So when will we hear this song played? Chiefs Vice President of Media and Marketing, Robert Alberino, Jr has a gameplan for gameday.

“The Chiefs Kingdom is all about tradition.  We won’t be replacing any of the traditional songs with the new ‘Chiefs Chop’, the stadium will still have the same flow as it did before.  We will use the song during highlight packages each half because it’s driving and lends itself to fast action. “

“Chiefs Chop” is available on iTunes and will also be played at Arrowhead Stadium throughout the season.   Check it out here: and also see the link for a music video that will air in Arrowhead all this year.

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