New Site; Same Camp

Posted Aug 23, 2010

Not much changes for the Chiefs as the team begins practices in Kansas City

The St. Joseph portion of the preseason is complete, but training camp is still in full force for the Chiefs. Crowds will be gone (except for Wednesday night) and the setting is new, but the on-field work is all the same.

“We are, as players and coaches, still in training camp mode,” head coach Todd Haley said. “This is still full-blown training camp as far as I’m concerned.”

Two-a-days were originally scheduled to resume today, but Haley has decided to hold those off until Tuesday instead. Regardless, the Chiefs will hit the practice field this afternoon for their first official practice of 2010 in Kansas City. If anything, training camp intensity is ramping up rather than wrapping up.

Time is ticking for players on the fringe to build their respective roster resume. Kansas City’s two final preseason games will be played over the next 10 days and we’re less than two weeks away from NFL rosters being cut down to the final 53. Currently, the Chiefs roster stands at 80 players.

“This isn’t the time to relax and say ‘Yeah, we’re home,’” Haley said. “We’re staying in training camp mode and we’re in the process of working to become a good team.”

For some players, the anxiety will begin a bit sooner. Clubs must trim their rosters down to 75 players by August 31st, just eight days from now and two days before the club’s final preseason contest vs. Green Bay.

“Really, camp isn’t over,” LB Corey Mays said. “No portion of it really is, we’re just moving the location. It’s just like moving to the indoor (with no crowds in St. Joe). It’s just camp, camp, camp…”

Practices at the Chiefs Training Facility are closed to the general public. The last remaining opportunity to watch the 2010 Chiefs practice is on Wednesday night at 7:15 PM inside The New Arrowhead. Both parking and admittance are free.

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