Overheard: Assistant coaches chime in

Posted Jun 8, 2012

Chiefs assistant coaches comment on topics and players involving their position groups

Following Thursday’s OTAs at the Chiefs training facility, positional coaches and coordinators met with media to discuss all things Chiefs.

From the improvement of players during OTAs to mandatory Chiefs minicamp next week (June 12 to June 14), here’s what Romeo Crennel’s staff had to say about the team so far:

Offensive coordinator Brian Daboll on adapting his offense to fit his new players:

“You come to a new place where you have a big play book, and what you have to do is install something new every day--each rep counts to learn the offense better. It’s our job too, to look at the players and really dissect who is getting the offense and who we have to spend a little more time on. Everyone has a system and everyone has plays in a playbook they are usually pretty big on. But it’s your job as a coach to adapt the system to your guys on the team. These guys are all getting reps for the first time and it’s our job to see them and make little changes if needed, that’s just your job as a coach.”

Offensive line coach Jack Bicknell Jr. on what offensive linemen can learn during pads-free, contact free OTAs:

 “OTAs are critically important because it enables you to get your technique and footwork down, get your assignments down without anyone getting hurt. It’s not live on a quarterback right now so to me they’re important. Before you know it you’ll have so many OTAs left, before you know now it’s live, before you know it it’s the first preseason game. Now, there are guys who get hurt if you don’t do things right, so it’s critical.”

Defensive line coach Anthony Pleasant on working with defensive tackle Dontari Poe, this year’s first round draft pick:

“It’s good to have a guy of that magnitude and size, you just have to work hard--which he has been doing. Coming from college to the pros is a big transition for him, so he’s learning how to play the technique. He is a unique type of   player he just has to continue to work hard and push himself. Personally, I just emphasize him watching film, saying this is how you need to play and this is your technique.”

Quarterbacks coach Jim Zorn on seeing an improved passing game in the red zone so far:

“It’s been great. We’ve put a lot of time into it, emphasis, not only out here, but in the classroom, making sure we’re right on with how we’re going to read things, how we’re going to attack. Our receivers are doing a great job pushing themselves down the field, getting themselves into a position where we can complete them, and the quarterbacks have been making the throws.”

Defensive backs coach Emmitt Thomas on the big plays forced by safety Travis Daniels during OTAs:

“He’s a veteran guy. Some guys have that ‘it’ when it comes to running and moving around. He’s one of those guys that can go from two or three different positions. We have several other guys that do that, but because of the number of guys that we have here and the injuries we have to 29 and 23, we’re just moving him around and he’s finding it pretty well.”

Daboll on working as a team to get the most out of his new offensive system:

“At the end of the day, what are we charged with? Winning. We have to win as many football games as we possibly can and everybody has to do their jobs.  It’s not just Matt or Baldwin or Breaston or myself. We are collectively a team and we are trying to build camaraderie. (We’re) trying to get these guys to realize the expectations they have put one them, staying on

Special teams coach Tom McMahon on the value of having established veterans on the kicking team:

“It’s really important. That whole group, including Thomas Gafford, he’s the driving force. Without a long snapper you’ve got nothing. Those guys are great. They’ve bought into every single thing I’ve tried to do. I really like how all four of those guys are working.”

Bicknell Jr. on what new addition Eric Winston brings to the Chiefs offensive line:

“The thing that he gives us is just a lot of veteran experience and is someone that comes in right away. We’ve got a young room in there, let’s face it. Ryan Lilja, of course a veteran, Brandon Albert and then Eric Winston, so he gives us another veteran experience of someone that can sort of show the younger guys, ‘Hey I’ve been out there before. I’ve played many times battling. This is kind of the way. This is how you have to come to practice. This is how you have to come to meeting.’ I can see those young guys soaking it up. We’ve got three older guys in there, and I can kind of see them watching those guys.”

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