Overheard: Bowe’s back as Chiefs begin prep for Seahawks

Posted Aug 20, 2012

Player quotes from Monday’s post-practice media session

The Kansas City Chiefs hit the ground running on Monday following their loss to the St. Louis Rams Saturday night in their second preseason game.

Practice returned to Kansas City on Monday afternoon at the University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex and lasted two-and-a-half hours. It was the team's first practice since breaking training camp at Missouri Western State University last Thursday.

After practice, players talked about the recent loss, the upcoming game, the return of franchised receiver Dwayne Bowe and the news handed down by the league office of Tamba Hali’s Week One suspension.

Linebacker Derrick Johnson referred to Saturday’s game as a wake-up call:

“It wasn’t a setback, but it was a wakeup for us. We did pretty good the first game. This game we didn’t start fast. It’s good that it’s not the first game of the year like we did last year. It’s good that adversity hit now. We’ll see what we do against Seattle. It’ll be a big test for us. We’ll see how we respond. That’s the big thing in the NFL - when things happen to you, how do you respond?”

Wide Receiver Dwayne Bowe on the possibility of playing in the preseason game against the Seattle Seahawks:

That’s the coaches’ decision. If I can learn all the plays before then, then I’m there, but if it takes longer, then it takes a little longer.”

Bowe on the importance of this year after signing on as the team’s franchise player:

“As big as it was last year. Every year is a big year. Somebody is trying to come in here and take my job, and my job is to go as hard as I can to prove I’m the number one guy. “

Linebacker Andy Studebaker on breaking camp and the minimal differences of practicing at the Chiefs Training Facility:

“As far as practice goes, in my opinion, it’s the same intensity level. Maybe the temperature is a little cooler but, we’re here to work. Obviously, we’re still putting in the same amount of time, and studying in the field room just as much. I think we’re in camp mode and I don’t know if there is a lot of difference other than a change of scenery.”

Johnson on what it will be like to play Atlanta Falcons without Hali:

“Like any other time, other players have to step up. It’s just like having an injury or anything. This is the NFL, so we’ll handle it like pros. That’s the main thing I have. I don’t really have any comments on that.”

Studebaker on the possibility of starting for Hali:

“I think in any situation, whoever it ends up being, you take opportunities how they come. You don’t know how they’re going to come. That’s why you work hard every single day, whether you’re a back, whether you’re a starter because sometimes the team is going to need you. Whoever steps into that role is going to be the starter that day and as a team we are going to be glad they worked as hard as they did as backups. Take opportunity when it comes.”

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