Overheard: Chiefs pass midpoint of OTAs

Posted Jun 4, 2012

Abram Elam joins the Chiefs, Brandon Siler updates his recovery from an Achilles injury, Dexter McCluster talks position change and more...

The Kansas City Chiefs began their third week of Organized Team Activities (OTAs) on Monday. Players hit the field at the Chiefs Training Facility for an hour-and-a-half practice featuring positional drills and scrimmages.

After practice, new addition Abram Elam and other Chiefs players spoke with the media during a 30 minute open locker room session:

Safety Abram Elam on his first day with the Chiefs after signing Monday morning:

“It’s like riding a bicycle – once you know how to do it, you can do it. I’m excited the coaches gave me an opportunity to go out there and I’m just continuing to try to build on that.  “It was cool getting a chance to get out there and run around and be with the guys. The communication is new, but all in all, it felt like it was a good day.”

Wide receiver/running back Dexter McCluster on what he likes about the new offense under coordinator Brian Daboll:

“I love Coach (Brian) Daboll. He has a way of using the guys that he has to their strengths. I think now going into the third week, I’m really understanding the coverages, understanding the defenses and my responsibilities to get other players open as well. As a coach, he’s a great guy. He knows how to use his players, how to use their strengths or their weaknesses. I’m loving every moment of it.”

Wide receiver Terrance Copper on splitting time between offensive and special teams drills during OTAs:

“It’s definitely more intense because you’ve got to focus on all the details because you don’t have a lot of time. Everybody knows special teams can win or lose a game, so you’ve got to focus even more than just offense and defense because you’ve only got a certain amount of time to practice it. It’s just the same. It gets coached hard and you are expected to perform.”

Linebacker Brandon Siler on not being able to participate in OTAs due to a lingering Achilles injury:

“It’s been frustrating. My momma brought it to my attention that I haven’t been out of football this long since I was seven years old and that kind of puts everything in perspective. Football is what I do. I want to get back out there immediately, of course, but they have a plan for me and I’m just going to follow that.”

Safety Tysyn Hartman on getting an opportunity to play as an undrafted rookie free agent:

“We’re getting a lot more reps and coaches are getting more opportunities to see us than they would be able to otherwise. Eric (Berry) and Kendrick (Lewis) have done a great job helping us out and giving us any tips and pointers in between plays. When we come off to the sideline, they’re always there to help us out any way they can. I couldn’t ask for more from them.”

McCluster on transitioning back to slot receiver during OTAs:

“I’ve been doing a lot of changes throughout my career, but I love it. It keeps me on my ‘A’ game. It keeps me always thinking, never knowing what to expect and just being ready for whatever situation is to come. It would be a waste of time for me to get down. I’m going to focus on what they want me to do, whenever they want me to do it. If they stop calling my name, then something is wrong.”

Elam on where he thinks he fits in with the Chiefs defense:

“You have to be interchangeable with the way things motion and guys move around, so I consider myself a safety that can play both spots. (I’m) a smart player that can go in and play, fit when needed, one that communicates well and trying to take advantage of my opportunities.”

Copper on the advantages of having OTAs this season after the lockout cancelled OTAs last season:

 “I think it’s an advantage because the offense can really start jelling together. The quarterbacks and receivers, as well as everybody, can start getting their timing down and get back in football shape.”

Hartman on feeling at home with the Chiefs after playing at Kansas State:

“It definitely presents a nice opportunity, being so close to home and so close to my family. I’ve got family here in Kansas City and a few hours away in Wichita, so it’s nice to just have that feeling of home and people close by to talk to.”

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