Overheard: Chiefs players address final days of offseason program

Posted Jun 13, 2012

Chiefs players will receive nearly six weeks off following this week's minicamp

On Wednesday, the Chiefs held the second of their three minicamp practices at the Chiefs Practice Facility. The team will hold one more practice session tomorrow before breaking until training camp in St. Joseph's, Mo.

Romeo Crennel and players spoke after practice about the end of minicamp and how the Chiefs look heading into their pre-camp break:

Head coach Romeo Crennel on what he plans to tell his players before minicamp ends:

We’ll talk to those guys tomorrow about being away from here and the things that happen when you’re away, and decision-making. Make good decisions, the right decisions because it impacts everybody, your teammates, the coaching staff, your team, the community, the owner and all of those things. So, we remind them of those things before they go. Mike Clark does a good job at that and telling them about staying in shape and having to lift and how they need to run before they get back.”

Quarterback Matt Cassel on what his plans are for the upcoming break:

“I won’t take much time off, to be completely honest. Again, I think we set a great foundation here so far in OTAs and minicamp. I think we’re ahead of the game, but at the same time, there’s a lot of work still to be done, there’s a lot of film to study, and also me, continuing to familiarize myself with the new system.”

Running back Jamaal Charles on using his time off to fully recover from his ACL injury in time for training camp:

"I’m not doing rehab. It’s more like working out every day. I work out and I do what everybody else [does]. I go home at the end of the day. I’ve just got to keep my feet up, ice my leg and take care of my body, eat right. From now when I leave here, I’ve just got to go back to Texas and work hard.”

Safety Terrance Parks on what he’s learned during OTAs and minicamp practices:

“I would probably say patience.  Just patience reading my keys and just slowing everything down because when you’re out there and it’s are new to you things start flying really fast but a lot of the older guys just say “Just slow down and take it slow and everything will fall in place.”

Cornerback Javier Arenas on the addition of cornerback Stanford Routt and the potential return of safety Eric Berry:

“It feels great. We know who is back there, even with the guys that are back there at the time, we still feel a lot of comfort, which is good. Just in case, God forbid, that we’re ever in a situation to where we have the guys on the field that we have out there right now, we’ll feel comfortable. I think that’s the goal is to feel comfortable with everybody that we have back there for the most part.”

Crennel on the development of first round pick Dontari Poe:

“He’s made progress. The thing that has impressed me the most is not his natural ability but the fact that he’s trying to play the technique the way we play it. The way we play it is not always the easiest way to play it. He’s taking to coaching and he’s executing the way we want him to execute. Like I said yesterday, we have to get the pads on in order to really be able to tell and find out. He’s taking steps in the right direction.”

Fullback Taylor Gentry on what he brings to the Chiefs:

“My game as a fullback is smash-mouth, hit you in the mouth but I can also catch a football.  I had no rushes at NC State, sadly, so maybe I get a rush here. If not I can definitely catch a football out of the backfield and if they want me to lead up on a linebacker, try to knock his head off.”

Cassel on his approach to minicamp practices after returning from his injury last season:

“I think your approach is always trying to come back and work hard each and every day, like I have in the past. Then again, every team is different every single year, so it’s building new rapport, new relationships with these receivers, getting familiar with your new personnel that you have out there – guys like Peyton Hillis and Kevin Boss – and then just continuing to work. Also, building a relationship with that offensive coordinator, Coach (Brian) Daboll, and trying to get to know him, how he likes to call plays, what he likes on third down and different situations as well.”

Charles on how long he thinks it’ll take to return to “game speed”:

“I haven’t practiced in eight months, I’ll say. It hasn’t been a year, but it’s been eight months. I feel like I’m ready to go and when they let that cape off of me, I’m ready to go. I’m ready to put my cleats back on and ready to punish everybody in my way.”

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