Overheard: Flowers returns

Posted Sep 14, 2012

One more back on the field

After missing all of preseason and the home opener a healthier cornerback will return to the gridiron.

The Kansas City Chiefs finished up another week of practice at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. The Chiefs will be traveling to Buffalo this weekend and fans are anticipating an appearance from LB Tamba Hali and CB Brandon Flowers on Sunday.

Head coach Romeo Crennel spoke to the media on Friday morning and said Flowers had been cleared by medical examiners. Crennel mentioned he was unsure if Flowers is at 100-percent but noted he is working through it and coaches are asking more of him daily.

After practice Flowers and linebackers coach Gary Gibbs spoke with the media.

Flowers on returning from his injury:

“I’m putting the injury all the way behind me and I’m ready to go.”

Flowers was asked if he had stayed in shape during the past six weeks due to his injury:

“When I line up against the Buffalo Bills they aren’t going to be worried about if I’m in shape or if I can play or not so I better be ready to go and I will be ready to go.”

Flowers on missing last week’s season opener:

“It was hard missing the game, not being able to brawl with your teammates who you did all this conditioning with and all the dirty work you went through in the off season. But we’re coming along, we’re going to be strong this week, we’ll have Tamba [Hali] and myself back and the chemistry is all there right now so we just have to go out and play.”

Flowers on turning over a new leaf and facing Buffalo this weekend:

“Last week is done. We don’t even have the same team or the same guys out there as last week so it’s a whole different team and we’re trying to have a whole different outcome than last week.”

Gibbs on Hali’s return to practice:

“He was sore. You think you just miss one week and that you just jump right back in, but he worked well and he had to work on some extra conditioning. I think he’s a lot better today, but he was sore after Wednesday’s practice. Like I said, you miss a little time and it shows up.”

Gibbs on practice this past week:

“We got Tamba [Hali] back on the field, and that’s certainly a good presence for us. We had more guys practice this week, so we had a good week of work. We just need to go out there and play better.”

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