Overheard: Hali is back

Posted Sep 12, 2012

Chiefs focusing on week two

Chiefs focusing on week two; outside linebacker reinstated

The Kansas City Chiefs wrapped up practice Wednesday afternoon at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex and are preparing to face the Buffalo Bills in week two of the regular season. It will be the first time the two teams will meet at the Ralph Wilson Stadium since 2005.

LB Tamba Hali is back on the active roster and is ready for game day. After practice on Wednesday he, along with his teammates, spoke with the media. However, Hali made a point to apologize on his one game suspension before answering any questions.

Hali on his one game suspension:

“I just want to apologize to the league and the Hunt family. This is not the type of light that they want the organization to be in and I’m truly sorry for the embarrassment. I want to move forward and get better as a team and as an individual.”

Hali on improvements for the upcoming game:

“I think as a whole we need to continue to work and get better. Every guy has to do their job. We’ll continue to study film and study our opponents…we just need to be on top of our game.

QB Matt Cassel on keys to longevity on offense:

“I think the main thing is just not turning the ball over. I think that with the strip-sack, the tip interception and the other interception, that puts you in a hole, and we have to stay ahead on down and distance. We’ve got to try to get ourselves into manageable third-down situations and stay out of those third-and-long situations because I think that’s when defenses – especially pass defenses in this league – they thrive…”

Cassel on facing a different Bills team than last season:

“I think every team is different. They’ve obviously got some new guys with [Mario] Williams there and they’ve got another new defensive end. I think that they’ve got a good, young secondary. They’ve got a lot of speed as well and they are going to challenge us at the line of scrimmage with a lot more man coverage than what we saw last week, so we’re going to have to do a good job against press coverage and we’re also going to have to do a good job with those front four that they have.”

LB Derrick Johnson on the sense of urgency to win in Buffalo:

“There is a sense of urgency to win. You definitely don’t want to go 0-2. We’re trying to get the bad vibe over after this next game; we need to get a win. We’ve been through that being behind and trying to catch up and at the end of the year you look back and say, ‘man if we had won one of those games at the begging things would have been different.’ We just need to start winning now, count our wins, and play better.”

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