Overheard: Injuries, Changes, Fu Manchu?

Posted Nov 15, 2012

Chiefs working for Arrowhead victory

The Kansas City Chiefs are preparing to face the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday to kick off a three game home stand at Arrowhead Stadium. Head coach Romeo Crennel announced Wednesday morning in a press conference that Brady Quinn has not been cleared to play on Sunday despite Quinn expressing to the media that his health had improved.

“He went to the doctor and the doctor told him he was doing better,” Crennel commented on Quinn’s status. “The doctor also told him he was going to monitor him during the week, and if he makes it through the week without incident, that he could be cleared for the weekend. But, he’s got to make it through the week before the doctor will clear him.”

Even if Quinn is cleared at the end of this week, Cassel will be the starting quarterback against the Bengals on Sunday.

Another player in question is Steve Breaston. Breaston was inactive for Monday night’s game and Crennel touched on the subject as well.

“Steve is a good pro, he’s a good teammate and he tries to do everything to help this team and I appreciate that. What’s happened a little bit is that he hasn’t made as many plays and so as a result of it, this past game he took the backseat so that we could get a younger player up to see what the younger player could do. It goes week-by-week in this business, so we’ll see how it goes this week.”

It is a week-by-week business with things constantly changing, DeMarco Cosby was added to the practice squad, last week Glenn Dorsey was placed on IR, and this week, 10-year veteran Russ Hochstein will get his first start as a Chief in place of Jon Asamoah. Asamoah underwent surgery on his thumb on Wednesday and will not participate in practice this week nor will he be active for Sunday’s game.

Despite the injuries, Crennel is focusing on the task at hand and is looking for a win at Arrowhead on military appreciation day.

“If we could go and get this win in front of the military crowd, it would help them feel better, help us feel better,” Crennel noted. “Then it would also show that maybe we’re beginning to get this turned around.”

Crennel also commented on the teams Monday night performance against the Pittsburgh Steelers and wants to bring the same competitive energy to Sunday’s game.

“We need to build on the effort, energy and attitude that we played with on Monday night,” Crennel noted. “We need to show consistency in all areas going forward…If we work on our attitude, our effort and the things we did Monday night, clean up one or two things, I think we’re going to play good, so that’s the focus and that’s what we’re going to go do.”

After practice, some of the Chiefs players spoke with the media.

TE DeMarco Cosby on becoming a part of the Chiefs practice squad:

“It’s a dream come true. Growing up in this city, every kid dreams of playing for their hometown team, so this is a huge opportunity for me and it’s a blessing.”

Cosby on receiving the phone call to become a member of the Kingdom:

“It was a surprise. It was hard just trying to stay ready, finding a local group of guys to work out with. It was a big surprise and I was just so happy, for it to be my hometown team is just a blessing.”

WR Steve Breaston on being inactive during Monday’s game:

“I’m just trying to do my job, that’s from day one since I got here, just doing my job and going out there and trying to make plays in practice, pushing practice, I help my teammates around me. That’s what you do; you do your job, be a professional, go out there and work. Like I said, it’s not my decision.”

QB Matt Cassel on his Fu Manchu mustache:

“There’s a charity out there called Movember. Prostate cancer is the No. 1 killer in men, and the charity itself builds awareness and also we raise funds to go to cancer research, so it’s a pretty cool deal. It allows me to grow this ugly thing for one month, and then my wife, December 1, will be yelling at me to shave that thing off.”

Cassel on Cincinnati’s defense:

“Cincinnati’s defense, obviously it’s a team that we’re not very familiar with; we don’t play a lot so we have to do a good job this week of getting caught up to speed on their personnel and what they do. They’re a penetrating defense; they’ve got a good front four, a solid back end, especially led by [Leon] Hall over there on the left-hand side. They play with a lot of physicality; they give you a bunch of different looks in the secondary, multiple looks, so we’re going to have to be ready to go come Sunday.”

G Russ Hochstein on starting on Sunday:

“It definitely is not my first time this has happened. So like always, I just try and prepare as best I can. Take everything you learn in the meeting room and try and do it on the field and help out your teammates…I’m going to do my darnedest. I’m just trying to help out as best I can any way I can and try to make sure that they don’t miss a beat.”

CB Brandon Flowers on A.J. Green:

“This guy has skills. Not only does he have a big frame for his quarterback, he’s got speed, great hands, he can do a lot of things after the catch. There’s a reason he went to the Pro Bowl last year. This guy can really play, so I’m looking forward to the task.”

CB Javier Arenas on adjusting to his role as starting cornerback:

“It’s good. I feel good. Basically, it’s two games, so I can’t call it right now. I’m just going out there and playing my ball the best that I can and doing what I can to help the team win. As far as me adjusting to the corner spot, I feel pretty good out there, and I’m going to keep rocking with it and keep playing.”

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