Overheard: Inside Chiefs Minicamp

Posted Jun 13, 2012

Jon Baldwin on OC Brian Daboll's new system, Eric Winston on the Chiefs o-line and Alex Tanney on YouTube stardom

On Tuesday, the Chiefs took the field for the first of three consecutive minicamp practices at the Chiefs Training Facility. Per NFL rules, the Chiefs are allotted a team practice and an additional classroom session or team walkthrough in minicamp.

After the first practice, coach Romeo Crennel and Chiefs players met with media members to discuss how they felt as they entered the next stage of the 2012 season:

Coach Romeo Crennel on new acquisition Abram Elam, who notched an interception during the competitive period on Tuesday:

“He’s had some pro experience. He’s a smart young man, and he’s been in different systems. So, that’s one of his strong suites that he can pick up and call different defenses. He has called the secondary in the past. I think that will bode well for our situation. If the two young guys are not back, and like you see without them, the young guys we do have make mistakes. So, Elam has an experience level that will benefit us.”

First-round pick Dontari Poe on learning to in the classroom as well as on the field:

“I have no idea, I’m learning as I go. You can never go wrong when you do your best so that’s what I stick to doing. It gets like a classroom but it’s all for the best of you.  They are just trying to make sure you know certain things.”

Outside linebacker Tamba Hali on Crennel as the Chiefs head coach:

“Yeah, he’s a veteran coach that knows what he’s doing. He expects a lot from us. From the older guys, he wants our leadership to progress and get better. With him as the coach everything is structured. We’re not guessing where we’ve got to be, we’re not coming in with a different schedule or the schedule is changing. We know where we’ve got to be every day and that way it works for us as players and we know what it takes. He’s not giving up. He’s making sure that we’re working hard and that’s what’s important.”

Running back Dexter McCluster on transitioning to more of a receiver role during OTAs and minicamp:

“I love every moment of it. I’m learning new things. One thing I can say is in the classroom I’m learning what I’m seeing and I’m giving myself different options of how to beat certain coverages, so I’m loving it.”

Wide receiver Jonathan Baldwin on how far along the offense is with offensive coordinator Brian Daboll’s new system:

“You keep doing the same things over and over again, and it’s starting to become repetitive. Every single day we watch the tape.  We install more plays and we go over those plays before practice.  We have walk-throughs and then we run those plays during practice and then we also make the corrections on the film. I would definitely say that it’s starting to become second nature.”

Right tackle Eric Winston on the increasing camaraderie of the Chiefs offensive linemen:

“The good offensive lines throughout the years, wherever they were, I guarantee you they hung out together off the field.  They played golf together, they went out together, and they did a lot of things together. You are going to spend too many hours together not to be friends.  We’ve got to be able to have fun and we’ve got to be able to do those things. “

Defensive lineman Glenn Dorsey on which side of the ball at minicamp has an advantage during contact-free scrimmages:

“Up front-wise, I think it’s kind of even because we can’t really come off the ball, just like they can’t come off the ball. It’s too early to tell anything, man. You can’t do anything without pads, so it’s too early to say which way, so you’re going to have to wait until training camp.”

Quarterback Alex Tanney on realizing the popularity of his “Trick Shot Video” on YouTube:

“It kind of just went viral on us. We were kind of just goofing around with some of my buddies and we posted it and didn’t really expect it to take off, but it did.  It was a good experience and I think it’s kind of passed me now.  I still take quite a bit of grief for it, but it’s all good I guess.”

Hali on his experience at the 2011 Pro Bowl:

“The Pro Bowl was fun.  I got the chance to see some of the better players in this league.  Guys like Dwight Freeney--who’s an elite pass rusher in this league.  Just talking to him and seeing where his mind is at, wow he prepares for games and vice versa.  Being around those guys was a great experience for me.”

Winston on playing next to right guard Jon Asamoah:

“Obviously, John Asamoah and I have gotten every rep together we possibly can. He’s going to be a good player.  I’ve been lucky enough to play with a lot of good right guards in my time.  They make you look better when they’re good, because they’re the guy on your back that’s going to help you, that’s going to cover you sometimes when you miss it and John’s that kind of player.”

Baldwin on the benefits of having minicamp after a lockout-shorted offseason last year:

“Last year, we didn’t have one.  This year we do, so being able to learn the offense and actually going out and run those routes with some coaching out there with you.  It definitely helps a lot when you have a playbook.  You’re not being able to be coached up, you are just going out there running what you think the coaches like.  It’s definitely an advantage to be able to do these things and we all appreciate it a heck of a lot.”

Crennel on what he hopes to accomplish before minicamp practices end:

“We have a new offensive coordinator, so the biggest thing is, I want the offense to be in place and the guys on the offensive side of the ball to know the terminology, to understand the philosophy, and be able to execute the offense. That’s the biggest thing, and for special teams as well. We have a new special teams coach, and he’s got some new terminology. He has to evaluate the players, so I want to get that out of this. Defensively, I want to get to the point where our guys defensively operate more efficiently as a unit.”

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