Overheard: Onward and Upward

Posted Sep 13, 2012

It was a rainy day of practice on Thursday...

Chiefs preparing for matchup against the Bills

It was a rainy day of practice on Thursday at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. Head coach Romeo Crennel noted that during Thursday’s practice the Kansas City Chiefs were working on “trying to eliminate mistakes, trying to get better and trying to get our finger on what Buffalo is doing so that we can go and play a good football game.”

After practice Chiefs players spoke with the media about looking forward and getting ready for week two.

DE Glenn Dorsey not concentrating on the last matchup, instead focusing on the upcoming game in Buffalo:

“We’re not worried about last year. We’re trying to win this game and we need a win and everybody is working hard trying to do that.”

Dorsey on what he’s noticed from watching the Bills on film:

“They’ve got a lot of guys than can make plays, especially offensively. They’ve got a good quarterback, a good running back and the offensive linemen work together and a lot of receivers, so we’re going to have our hands full. We’re going to be up to the challenge though.”

LB Andy Studebaker on last year’s matchup against the Bills:

“Obviously, it’s one we want back, and we don’t get to have it back. So we have that memory of what a team like this is capable of doing. Obviously, they have a lot of core guys back that are capable of putting some points on the board, so we remember that. We just need to go up to Buffalo ready to compete and play hard. We’re expecting a dog fight, and we’ll see what happens.”

Studebaker on Buffalo’s offense:

“They’re kind of unique. They’ll spread you out a little bit, maybe a little more than other teams. They have a great running back, even when they’re one guys down, they are still very talented in the running game. I think we have to be good there first, and then we need to play assignment football. I say that too much, but I think they can spread you out and make you think a little bit with their shifts and formations and adjustments and things like that. But if we’re on top of it, we should be fine.”

CB Stanford Routt on how the team has been working on eliminating mistakes:

“Focus, playing together as a team, and playing loose instead of playing timid or nervous.”

Routt on winning on the road:

“RAC always tells us to win. Win on the road, win at home, and win in neutral places. We just have to win, plain and simple.”

WR Dexter McCluster on his position as a wide receiver:

“It feels good just focusing on one position. My whole career, I’ve been bouncing around a lot, but right now, I’m solely concentrating on slot receiver and getting my technique better every day.”

T Eric Winston on the Chiefs defense:

“I’m looking at it as we have to take care of our opportunities. We’re going to get some opportunities this game to make some big plays and score, we have to do that. Up front we have to hold on and block when Matt (Cassel) needs an extra second to get the ball down field. When there’s a chance in the run game to break Jamaal free, we have to be able to break him free and get him into some open space…you keep trying to put as many good plays together as you can.”

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