Overheard: Players break from minicamp

Posted Jun 14, 2012

Chiefs players discuss the progress they've made during the team's offseason program before breaking until training camp

On Thursday, Chiefs minicamp concluded with the third and final practice at the Chiefs Training Facility. The Chiefs next practice will be held no earlier than July 26th at training camp in St. Joseph, Mo.

After practice, Coach Romeo Crennel and Chiefs players discussed the conclusion of minicamp and what the team learned heading into their month-long break:

Coach Romeo Crennel on seeing team-wide improvement during the course of OTAs:

 “I feel like we’ve made progress during the offseason. I’m encouraged by the installation of the offense, the installation of special teams and defensively, we looked at different things that we don’t normally do. So, we got good exposure there. I saw some players improve as we went through this. Now we’ll put on the pads, and we’ll see what they really can do. It won’t be long--it’s five-and-a-half weeks until training camp.”

Quarterback Ricky Stanzi on working with Matt Cassel and Brady Quinn:

“It’s awesome to have those guys, Matt and Brady have been in the league for a while, and they know the game. Just to learn from them, pick their brains. They’ve been tremendous. They’re both really good guys who are very willing to help out and teach you the game. To have that as a young guy is huge because they teach you the little things you might not be seeing or that otherwise might go unsaid. To have that is a big help.”

Nose tackle Dontari Poe on his plans for the next five weeks:

“Work out. A lot of that--a lot of working out, a lot of staying out of trouble and that’s it. I’m trying to keep reading this playbook just so I can know how everything is.”

Running back Dexter McCluster on whether he prefers playing running back or wide receiver:

 “I really don’t have a preference. I feel that I can be dangerous at both spots, so it’s my job to be ready to play receiver or play running back. I play to my strengths. My strengths are my quickness, being able to create mismatches, and when the ball is in my hand, I can make that guy miss.”

Cornerback Stanford Routt on practicing without Eric Berry and Kendrick Lewis during OTAs and minicamp:

“It’s a little bit different obviously from not being in there, but they’re around so much and they’re in the meetings so much and they’re out on the practice field so much and you can hear them from the sidelines yelling this, that and the other. It’s as if they’re on the field. Like you said, physically I haven’t played with them yet, but I don’t really think it’s going to be that hard to get in sync with them.”

Right guard Jon Asamoah on what he took away from OTA and minicamp practices:

"Just cleaning up my technique. That's been the main focus. Especially with Eric here now, he's brought little things and I'm trying to add all those to my game. At that right guard spot, you're always communicating with the tackle. You have to know how you guys are going to approach things. Guys have different skill sets and are going to approach things different ways. You just have to be out here every day learning each other.”

Cornerback Brandon Flowers on developing chemistry with his new teammates in the Chiefs secondary:

“I feel like the chemistry got better throughout OTAs and minicamp. That’s what we needed. We felt pretty strong on the defensive side, making plays. We’re trying to just take steps forward, no steps back.”

Defensive end Glenn Dorsey on whether or not he plans to take time off before training camp:

“Not really. That time of the year is here. We had an offseason already. Everybody is going to go home and continue to work so we’re ready to play right when it’s time.”

Routt on acclimating to his first season with the Chiefs:

“It’s coming along real well. I remember the first week I was just getting used to the red covers. But now, it’s syncing in. Everything is slowing down, especially with the defense and the guys that you’re playing with. I think that the sky is going to be the limit for the defense this year, along with the offense as well.”

Stanzi comparing last year’s offseason to this years’:

“It’s tough to compare because last offseason we weren’t doing any of this stuff. So to have this offseason it’s been great for the young guys who are trying to catch up on the playbook and learning the ins and outs of our offense. It’s nice to have this time. It’s been a good learning tool. It’s been great to get out there with your team and get the camaraderie of being together and playing football.”

Crennel on how he thinks his team fared during workouts:

“It was good. The weather was great. You can’t beat the weather we’ve had this offseason, particularly for the minicamp and the OTAs. I don’t think we’ve missed one. That was good. The kids have good attitudes. They’re all good in the classroom. All of those things are positive. As a coach, I like that. Hopefully that will carry over, and we can win games as a result of it. But at this point in time, I think everybody feels decent in the spring because you’re not playing any games.”

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