Overheard: Ready for Battle

Posted Oct 24, 2012

Reenergized Chiefs prepare for division rival

Fresh off a bye weekend the Kansas City Chiefs were in full pads on Wednesday and every player was participating. During a press conference Wednesday morning head coach Romeo Crennel commented on all players practicing and his optimism on the improvement of Peyton Hillis, Glenn Dorsey, Steve Maneri, and Devon Wylie, who were limited last week. Crennel noted that the bye week gave the players a chance to rest up and hit the restart button.

“One, you’ve got a chance to get healthy and it looks like we’ve got most of the guys healthy,” Crennel said. “And then two, they’ve had time off to refresh their minds, refresh their bodies and I think that’s the biggest thing... We kind of needed some time away so that we could clear our minds, and then come back regenerated and focus on the rest of the season.”

The rest of the season continues on Sunday with a division rival, the Oakland Raiders. Crennel is using the heated rivalry as an incentive to get the team amped up to fight for their first win at Arrowhead this season.

“The fact that it’s a rival, some of these young kids don’t understand it and don’t know it. But you mention it to them, you talk to them about it, you talk to them about how close the games have been… It’s going to be a battle. Get them to understand that, and just be ready to play and play well.”

After practice at The University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex, the players spoke with the media.

QB Brady Quinn on starting against the Raiders:

“It’s big time. Getting the opportunity to start, having it be the Raiders, a divisional opponent, an opponent that goes back a long ways in history, being a rival of this club, it means a lot. So, we’re doing our best to prepare right now, put in a good game plan. We feel confident going into the game, and we’re trying to get a win.”

Quinn on practicing and preparing for Sunday’s game:

“I think you’ve got to try to prepare yourself like every rep is a game-type scenario. You want to do the best you can to prepare yourself for the same circumstances that you’re seeing out there in practice as far as what you do, how you read, how you drop, if you change something, and that’s how you have to go with that approach.”

LB Tamba Hali on coming off the bye week:

“Guys are ready to go. We’ve got our feet under us. We’re coming back with a different attitude. Guys have shaken off all the negative off of them and I think we’re ready to go. We just have to execute in the game and stay positive. Things are not [always] going to go well. The things that go well we’ve got to build on them and that’s part of it. So we’ve got to treat it as the next play and go to the next play.”

CB Stanford Routt on playing against division rivals and his former team:

“It’s a divisional game. And we’ve got to get a win. That’s the main thing. It’s the Raiders vs. the Chiefs.”

T Eric Winston on what he expects to see out of the Raiders defensive line:

“It’s always chippy when you play those guys. I think being here in Kansas City and the rivalry now, it’s going to be it’s going to be a little bit more chippy. That’s the way I’d probably describe it more so than anything. There’s probably going to be a lot of late pushing and late shoving and everyone trying to work to get that last shove in on every play. It’s just the kind of game that we’re going to be playing in and we kind of know that going in.”

LB Derrick Johnson on playing at Arrowhead on Sunday:

“We need to play better at home. We need to protect this house. If we can do that on Sunday, then what better way to start it than against the Raiders?”

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