Overheard: Ready to Win at Home

Posted Oct 4, 2012

The Kansas City Chiefs prepare for the Baltimore Ravens

The clouds were heavy and the air was crisp as the Chiefs performed drill after drill during practice on Thursday. This week it was back to the basics, back to fundamentals in order to determine where improvements needed to be made and focusing on elimination of simple mistakes.

Head coach Romeo Crennel was truly disappointed with the outcome on Sunday against the visiting AFC West, San Diego Chargers and apologized to Chiefs fans on Monday during a press conference. Crennel said he understands the fan’s disappointment but also noted, “I still believe that this team can be better and will be better.”

Thursday the Chiefs focused on third down and reviewed first and second downs as well. Crennel and the coaching staff worked with the players on reducing turnovers, minimizing penalties and playing more competitively.

The Chiefs will have another chance to capture a win in front of the Kingdom this Sunday as they square off against the Ravens at Arrowhead Stadium at noon.

After practice the Chiefs spoke with the media concerning their preparation for the game and their mindset heading into a week five matchup against a tough Baltimore team.

CB Javier Arenas on practice this week:

“We’re just going back to the basics as far as practice goes. Some guys are frustrated, but at the same time we have to come out here and do our job. Nothing changes if we sit around and mope all day. It will definitely get worse. We’re going back to the basics and the simple things and our job responsibilities.”

TE Tony Moeaki on facing Baltimore:

“Baltimore has been a great team for a number of years here. Their defense has been their main thing all these years, so we’ve got to be ready. We won’t overlook them at all. They’ll come in ready to go and so will we.”

CB Stanford Routt was asked if the message in the locker room was eliminating bad football:

“Yeah, definitely. That’s really what’s been our Achilles heel – mistakes – offense, defense, special teams. If we can go ahead and eliminate those then like I said we’ll be just fine.”

LB Edgar Jones on Baltimore’s offense:

“I think the offense has taken a step forward. Joe [Flacco] has grown up so much. I remember him coming in as a rookie and going to the playoffs. Leading them now, you see how much he has come along. The whole offense has come along. Over there, they’re doing a great job. With us at the Chiefs, we’ve just got to come out and play physical, take it one play at a time and let everything else happen how it’s supposed to happen.”

WR Dexter McCluster on Ray Lewis:

“A veteran player, a guy that has been in the league 17 years. I believe I might have been seven years old when he first came out. [He is] a great athlete, a great motivator, just an overall great guy.”

DE Ropati Pitoitua on the confidence of the team:

“We’re building confidence every week. We just have to get better as a team. But we’re working on it, getting better and better. Now we’re just focusing in on getting this game, one game at a time. And Baltimore is the game right now.”

Like most in the Kingdom, the Chiefs players themselves are longing for a win. Preparation, focus and playing together, as a team, is where that will have to begin because following this week is a trip to Tampa and then a Bye week, before heading back into Divisional play at the halfway point of the season.

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