Overheard: Special Teams Interruption

Posted Aug 21, 2012

Chiefs players looking forward and preparing for third preseason game

The Kansas City Chiefs finished up their second day of practice this week at the University of Kansas Hospital Training Complex. Players commented on their high expectations and goals that have been set for the upcoming season.

With the season opener quickly approaching preparation for Dwayne Bowe was in full effect on Tuesday. It was Bowe’s first day in pads and a chance for him to continue learning the new terminology and playbook.

Chiefs players met with the media after practice to discuss Bowe’s first practice in pads, the upcoming season and the importance of special teams.

Punter Dustin Colquitt jokingly stepped into Matt Cassel’s media session and asked the Chiefs quarterback how important special teams will be this year:

Special teams is very important Dustin. With Dustin Colquitt here anything is possible. I think maybe we’ll just put one guy out there this year and it’ll be you and we’ll just score touchdowns.”

Cassel on having wide receiver Dwayne Bowe back on the field:

“It’s great to have Dwayne back. Obviously, we haven’t had a ton of work out here on the field but just having him here in the building and having his leadership in that wide receiver room is great. He’s working hard and when he’s ready I’m sure the coaches will have him out there.”

Kicker Ryan Succop on the expectations of the upcoming season:

“I think we all hold ourselves to pretty high expectations. We’re excited about the players we have here in Kansas City and we’re excited about our coaches. From the top down I think everyone has a lot of enthusiasm and we really expect a lot from ourselves this year you can tell by the way everyone is working that we have some goals and we’re going to do our best to get it done.”

Tight End Kevin Boss on what he brings to the team:

“Being able to do a little bit of everything as a tight end is my strength. I feel comfortable whether they ask me to run block pass block catch the ball I feel comfortable doing it all. I think that’s important as a tight end to be well rounded.”

Colquitt on how the team is operating and moving forward:

“You can tell things are definitely smoother this year. We just need to work as a team. We have a lot of talent on this roster and we need to make the most of it. There’s a lot of situations we need to avoid but going forward we can’t look at last year or this year we just need to work as a team and try to win those games that we got in trouble with last year and do the right thing this year.”

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