Play 60 at Starside Elementary School

Posted Oct 18, 2012

Chiefs Community Caring Team visited an elementary school in DeSoto, Kansas

Four hundred and thirty enthusiastic elementary aged students gathered in the Starside Elementary School gym on Tuesday to participate in a Play 60 assembly hosted by the Chiefs Community Caring Team.

“Every week during the season the Chiefs Community Caring Team visits different schools for Play 60…We talk to the kids about the importance of eating right and staying healthy,” said Chiefs Community Relations Manager, Chuck Castellano.

KC Wolf and former Chiefs Linebacker, Shawn Barber, were at the event demonstrating exercises and fun activities for the students to participate in while encouraging physical fitness.

“Shawn Barber got the kids excited and then KC Wolf came out and they had some competitions of various activities and physical fitness opportunities and the kids were very excited to compete with both of them,” Principal Jeff Green explained.

It was very apparent that the students at Starside Elementary School were excited to be a part of the event. It was especially obvious when KC Wolf entered the room, the crowd went wild. The students were ecstatic to meet the wildly rambunctious Chiefs character.

“They were incredibly enthused, loud, and excited to see KC Wolf,” Green noted. “During our assemblies we teach the students to be a respectful audience and they did great. They were respectful but also loud and cheering at times. It was fun to watch.”

The Chiefs presented the school with a game ball and a Chiefs Play 60 banner. They have visited seven schools thus far and will be visiting many more throughout 2012 season. The selection process is based on the schools involvement in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

“All schools get selected based on the merit that they are doing some type of Play 60 activities,” Castellano explained. “Whether it’s something like the Play 60 challenge or just involved with their normal P.E. classes, lunch routine in terms of healthy eating, or activities such as a walking club. We come down to congratulate them with a special game ball and poster to present to them. Every week we go out the kids always have a blast.”

Schools can enter to receive a Chiefs Play 60 assembly by submitting their entries to Entries should include a write-up of how their school demonstrates excellence in health and wellness and how they get their 60 minutes of physical activity each day. Schools should specifically mention any programs they already have in place and should include pictures too if available.

The Chiefs Community Caring Team will announce the next school visit on Monday, October 22, 2012.

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