Post-Game Quotes: Chiefs players vs. Seattle

Posted Aug 24, 2012

WR Dwayne Bowe

On the game tonight “That’s what the preseason is for – to get back into the mix of things. We’ve still got a lot of work to do. I’ve got a lot of work to do being behind. That’s what the preseason is for."

Do you feel any rust? Do you feel like you’ve missed those three weeks of camp? “Not rust, but just being acclimated to the speed is what I’ve missed. But, we’ve got one more preseason game. Once I get that down, I’ll be ready for the regular season.”

What about the performance of the team tonight, not one of your better efforts. “I would not say one of our better efforts. Every guy played to his potential. We just didn’t get it done. That’s what the preseason is for – to evaluate. Monday we’ll go in there and fix a few things and try to get a win next week.”

What did you see as the biggest reason for the lack of performance tonight? “Seattle played a good game all around – offense, defense and special teams. We’ve just got to finish. We’ve got to learn how to jump on a team and finish. In the preseason, hopefully we can get that down and have that spring us into the regular season.”

What do you personally need to work on heading into the regular season? “Me personally, I just need to work on me. You know, being me. Just taking it one day at time, make sure I learn the offense front and back and to be able to perform when it counts.”

You guys have one more preseason game, is that going to be enough time for you to get on the same page as QB Matt [Cassel]? “I believe so. I’ve got one week down and another week to go and it’s only going to be better for me."

How much of the playbook do you think you know so far? “I’m quite into it. I’m pretty smart. I want to say 90 to 95 percent. Next week, I should be at 100.”

How long does it realistically take to learn a playbook? “I would say about two and a half to three weeks. And, that’s what I missed in training camp. But, I’m here now. I’m getting it down. I come into work early and I’m leaving late. I pretty much got it.”

Do you regret missing those three weeks? “I wouldn’t say I regret it. Everything happens for a reason, but I’m here now and up to speed. So, that’s what counts?”

LB Derrick Johnson

About how the team played tonight? “This is football. This is about bouncing back. It’s about taking the good with the bad. This is a game of responding. We’re going to have to respond quickly. We’re not playing like a very good football team right now, but our job as players is to get the job done.”

What did you learn? “It’s hard to learn when you get beat the way we got beat today. Of course, we’ll go back and look at the film. I’m sure with X’s and O’s we can do certain things better. Penalties hurt us tonight, but as a team, it was just disappointing. We have to do better. It starts up front with me. Somehow leadership has to flow down. We have to get this thing going because the season will be here in a couple of weeks.”

You had the opportunity to look at Seattle’s offense. What did you think you could do against them defensively? “We thought that we could stop the run. I think we did a good job at it. The quarterback played tremendously, especially when things broke down he took off running. He threw a couple of good balls. We had a lot of penalties tonight. Seattle is a good team and when you get penalties the way we did, it’s hard to win. It’s hard to be in the game.”

WR Jon Baldwin

The offense had a tough time moving the ball tonight, what do you attribute that to? “We’ve got to go back to the drawing board and make the corrections. [We need to] go back to practice and try to execute as much as possible and get ready for the next game.”

RB Peyton Hillis

On the team’s energy level the last few years: “I was not here the past couple of years, so I would not know about that.  We have a great bunch of guys and a lot of great talent on this team.  We just have to put it together.  Whatever mind set we need to have going into the season we need to get it and get it fast.”

What do you take away from tonight’s game? “We need to go back to the film room and work.  It’s plain and simple.  We made a lot of errors, a lot of mistakes as a team.  We have to get it fixed.”

Are you concerned for this team after the last two games? “I’m not. This still is the preseason.  It is no excuse for what happened tonight, but it is still the preseason.  We still have time to get things accomplished.  Hopefully we will do that.”

WR Steve Breaston

Is two weeks enough time to be ready for Atlanta? “Yeah, that’s a lot of time.  We were progressing pretty good throughout the first couple of weeks.  This is a step back.  As a team, we have to look at ourselves and correct the mistakes.  If we want to be the team we said we are, this is just a road bump. We need to practice, go to work and don’t let slip away what we have been building in practice. They punched us in the face and we didn’t respond well.  We have to go to practice and correct mistakes. We have to respond the next couple of weeks.”

Is the new offense still getting its feet under itself? “I thought we moved the ball pretty well up to this point today.  We were very inconsistent today, as a team.  I think this is going to test our character.  We did some good things.  As an offense, we did move the ball.  We can’t have certain turnovers.  When we do move the ball we need to get points.  That is something we didn’t do today.  This is the NFL.  Every game is not going to be perfect, not the way you want it to be.  I didn’t expect this, I don’t think we expected this.  We have to look at ourselves and look at the tape and come back next week.”

As a group, what do you do? “You have to respond.  That’s just the way it is.  I know everybody is frustrated now.  The things we did on the field are correctable.  As players we have to take coaching.  It’s hard, after a loss like this, to move on to next week but it’s what you have to do.  You have to push a little bit more in practice and apply it to the next game. We did some good things out there but it was over shadowed by some turnovers.  Those are all correctable.  We have to make plays and keep drives alive.  We have to keep grinding and keep our heads down.”

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