Post-Game Quotes: Romeo Crennel vs. Seattle

Posted Aug 24, 2012

Opening Remarks: “It wasn't a very good showing tonight. I thought we could do better than we did. We couldn't get anything going on either side of the ball, and as a result of it you see what the score was. Basically, we have to try to figure out what we can do well with this team in all phases and try to get that done. Hopefully we can start making progress and get better before we get to the regular season because it is right around the corner. We need to try to get better to give ourselves a chance. There are some things, but not very many good ones that I saw and the score was indicative of that.”

Have you considered amending your decision to have someone else handle the defensive play calling? “No not yet. We might have to look at that, but not yet though.”

Do you still feel confident right now that you can handle both of these jobs (defensive coordinator and head coach)? “Yes.”

Did you see anything in practice building up to this? “No.”

Do you feel that you need to play the starters more? “Well, I think the starters played quite a bit tonight, and they were the ones that weren't able to get much done. Maybe I should have played that No. 45 [Nate Eachus] more.”

How alarming was this loss? “Every loss, you're not crazy about it. You can try to find silver linings and I can mention some silver linings, but that doesn't change the score and it doesn't change the way we played. We're going to go back to the drawing board and try to play better. That's what we can do and what we are going to try to do.”

In trying to figure out what this team does well, do you study video on this game or do you look at what these guys do in practice? “You've got to look at it all, but the game is what really counts the most so you have to evaluate the game to see who does what and who can do what.”

Are there any major injuries? “Nothing major. We have some muscle strains and muscle bruises, but there are no major injuries.”

So DT Anthony Toribio is alright? “They told me he had an ankle."

Have you made your decision on your No. 2 quarterback yet? “After I watch the film I'll make a decision.”

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