Postgame Chiefs Player Quotes

Posted Aug 26, 2011

On the game: “It’s about continuing to build for the future. We have about 16 days before this first game and we’re trying to make as much progress as possible. Obviously, we want to win with that first offense in there. We want to put points on the board. I’m sure we’ll go and watch the film and learn a lot and try to build on that.”

Is there pressure to try and make things happen? “I think as an offense you always want to go out and perform and score. When you’re not putting points on the board, you’re disappointed, but at the same time, this is preseason and we’re trying to figure things out. We’re trying to figure out an identity and work on the things we need to work on.”

On playing during multiple portions of the game? “Coach Haley told me the night before, that’s something that he was going to do. I think it’s something that’s a great tool for these young guys that at any point they could be in the game. I think that was something he utilized today and Tyler (Palko) went in there and got a series out of the blue. So it was good and for me it’s about making sure those young guys get work and I’m ready to go back in.”

On the game: “We started off a bit slow on both sides, we came in at halftime and talked and got the energy going for the second half. We showed that we could compete until the end and things didn’t go our way. We took a step up in the second half.”

On what it will take to win a game: “It is important (winning), but the most important thing is sticking together. When you’re down, you’re down as a team. When you’re up, you’re up as a team. So staying together and knowing where we want to get to and how we’re going to get there. We just have to stay together and focus on the little things.”

Do you have one more week to get it right before the games count for real? “Definitely, we’re going to go in Sunday and watch the film and get ready to go next week. We’re going to prepare the same as we would any other week. I believe as long as we stay together, I know that time is ticking, but we still have some time.”

On the game: “We didn’t get going like we wanted to. We stopped the bleeding, which was good. It gave our team a chance to get going and have a chance to win at the end. I like being in a position to make big plays and on defense that’s what we pride ourselves on and we made a few in the first half.”

Do you like that the 3-4 defense creates indecision for the offensive linemen? “Definitely, that’s the fortunate part of being in the 3-4 defense is that you never know which linebacker is dropping and which one is coming. It kind of makes the offense have to be on their Ps and Qs and if they’re not, the quarterback might get hit.”

On Defensive Coordinator Romeo Crennel? “He’s a smart man and I’m fortunate enough to be in his defense. I’m learning a lot each year. This is my second year with him and I can’t wait for more success from his side.”

About competing for a job as a young football player: “Early on, you always wonder, regardless of where you went to school, that the playing field is level. They want to have guys competing for jobs. As a young player, my first couple years in the league, that was my situation. I’m still in that grind where I want to get better every single day. But as you get older, it just looks a little different, but the attitude is still the same.”

On coming up short in a preseason game: “Anytime you go out, you want to win. We didn’t come off the field happy that we lost the game, obviously. We did a lot of good things, we did a lot of good things we need to work on and get better before the season starts. That’s what the preseason is about. As far as the end of the game goes, you want to win it and we didn’t. We’ll figure out what happened in the first quarter that prevented us from doing it in the fourth quarter.”

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