Postgame Player Comments

Posted Jan 2, 2011

On the game
: “I cannot give any excuses. We got beat up today. Our hats are off to the Raiders. They didn’t have a chance to play in the postseason and they still played hard. They made more plays than us and it just got out of hand.”


On trouble stopping the run today: “We didn’t do a good job of playing team defense today. We were out of position at times, and the times we were out of position, they got a big play out of it.”

On getting ready for the next opponent: “You have to be a pro about it. Don’t let today affect next week. Next week is a big game for us and we will be ready to play.”

On preparing for this game
: “You want to have a good taste in your mouth going into the postseason and that was our plan. Clearly, we didn’t have the kind of performance you need to do that. We’ve got a lot of work to do and I am excited to find out who we are playing.”

On the performance of the offensive line: “We didn’t execute. It was nothing specific. We just didn’t play very well. It is disappointing because we clearly dropped the ball at home. We didn’t accomplish our goal here today but we have a chance to come back and rebound next week.”

What is the most disappointing part of this loss? “Take your pick. Playing bad anytime is disappointing. Playing bad at home, playing bad going into the playoffs, none of it is good. We have another chance to play which is a good thing. We have a bit of life left and we have to rebound. We have done that this season; after disappointing losses we have come back and played better.”

On the game
: “It’s over, we have to put this behind us and move forward. We need to correct the mistakes we made today and hopefully they won’t occur next week.”

Do you feel like this team has lost momentum? “Not at all. This team is built on adversity. That is one of the things we have been thriving on all year. As long as we stick together as a team we will be okay.”

Did Oakland out physical you guys today? “Being out there, I felt like we fought with them. It was a tough fought game. We made some mistakes and they capitalized on them and got away with the victory.”

On his first year as a member of the Chiefs
: “I have enjoyed every moment of being a Chief. Except for this loss, it has been a great season. We still have something to play for. We just have to come out focused and put it together early.”

How do you bounce back from this game? “Just put it behind you as fast as you can and see the big picture. We don’t know who we are going to play but we have to be ready to step up to the challenge and be ready to put it all together in all phases.”

What is the most disappointing part of this game? “We could have used this as a big momentum boost going into the playoffs. We know Kansas City Chiefs football and that wasn’t it today. They played better than we did.”

On the game
: “They gassed us a few times on runs. You have to give Oakland credit. They came in and played physical on both sides of the ball.”

How do you erase this game? “You have to take this loss on the chin. You can’t hang your head at all. We are going into a whole new season right now. We are going in with no wins and no losses. We have to come out here with energy next week and do what we have been doing at home, make plays and keep the crowd into it.”

What is the most disappointing part of this game? “Not finishing up undefeated at home. We wanted to keep our crowd into it. We wanted this win bad.”

As a veteran, what do you tell the younger players to get ready for the playoffs?
“We have to elevate our game and practice. We have to do everything we can possibly do to get ourselves healthy. We are going to be able to execute.”

On the game: “I thought we practiced well this week. I thought we were prepared. It is a tough loss for us. We wanted to end the regular season 8-0 at home. We have to put it behind us right this minute.”

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