Prime Time Viewing - Chiefs Watch MNF as Part of Film Study

Posted Nov 29, 2012

Wouldn’t it be great if your boss told you to go home and watch television? Better yet, you knew that by watching television, you could enhance your productivity at work during the next few days.

Members of the Kansas City Chiefs did just that on Monday night, as they watched this week’s opponent, the Carolina Panthers defeat the Philadelphia Eagles 30-22 on Monday Night Football. Whether it was for business, pleasure or both, Chiefs head coach Romeo Crennel suggested the idea to his guys.

“I think they are going to have more opportunity to watch the game. I told them to make sure that they watch the game and make notes and watch personnel, so that they can get a head start on Carolina.

Coaches, we have a particular rhythm we get into. You do certain things on Monday, you do certain things on Tuesday, and if we can get out early enough, then we might be able to catch part of (the game),” Crennel said.

Sure, it’s not so much about the players watching the game but what they learned about Carolina during their three hours of entertainment. Judging by conversations with the players, they heeded coach’s advice.

“I watched the Monday night game just to see if you can get some cadence and some different things the offense may be calling,” Chiefs DE Tyson Jackson said. “I just wanted to get a feel of the Carolina team after coming off a game like Denver, understanding it’s a different type of opponent we’re about to play and it’s a different style of offense, so I have a better understanding of what we’re about to face at practice.”

Jackson sounded like an official scout the way he described what he watched Monday night.

“They’re a real fast team. They can hit you from all angles. They can score anywhere on the field and they’re a big-play type of offense. We have to be sound defensively, everybody be on the same page, have our minds right and come out there and get as many three-and-outs as possible,” Jackson explained.

Fellow defensive lineman Dontari Poe, also watched Monday’s game and echoed a similar report.

“You notice what’s already pretty evident, Cam Newton is a big player in their offense, he’s the reason their offense goes – running or passing – he can do both of them really good. When they do hand the ball off, the backs are really aggressive and when they throw the ball, they throw to the backs and the receivers. They have a productive offense. As a defense, we just have to play assignment football and we’ll be alright.”

It wasn’t just the Panthers offense that was being scouted by coach Crennel’s team. Chiefs RT Eric Winston detailed some of Monday night’s action and hopes to see similar results on Sunday.

“I think Philly did a pretty good job of running the ball, we’re going to have to find a way to get some explosive plays like (Eagles RB) Bryce Brown was able to on Monday night and get it out there and find a way to score some touchdowns, maybe off a big run or a big pass,” Winston said.

We know that games aren’t won or lost on paper or inside DVRs, so the goal of the Chiefs on the field continues to be the same.

“The focus is on building on the effort from Sunday, trying to get to the point where we can make that one play that we need to make to win the game. That’s what we are going to do,” said Crennel.

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