Q&A with Charlie Weis - 10/15

Posted Oct 15, 2010


Q: Is there anything you can put your finger on when it comes to your Red Zone and third-down efficiency?


WEIS: “Every time you’re playing offensive football it’s an 11-man operation. It’s not one specific problem. I think the bottom line, there are two separate issues; first of all, on third down I think you’ve got to put yourself in position where you’re not in third and long like last week where we were third and 10 or more four out of the 10 snaps we were in third down. That’s not the way you want to play so first and second down production come into play. The Red Zone is an entirely different entity. Red Zone, each week it depends on what the team’s doing and obviously the number one thing we’re trying to do around here is run the football so the easiest way to score is to go ahead and run it in.”

Q: Is this a great opportunity for the passing game to show something that maybe they haven’t shown so far?

WEIS: “We go into every game, the first thing we try to do is establish the run. That’s what we try to do and the passing game springs off of there. Just because statistically, you look at a team yardage-wise and say, ok that’s what you’re going to do – throw it every down, a lot of times it has to do with the teams they’ve played and what those teams do. It’s still coming down to the same thing, we want to play 11 guys involved in complimentary football and do whatever it takes to score more touchdowns and score enough points to win the game.”

Q: Is QB Matt Cassel coming to you at all asking to do more, pitching that he’d like to throw more?

WEIS: “Every quarterback does, that goes without saying. I’ve never been around a quarterback that wouldn’t want to throw it on every single down. We have a team concept here that comes from Todd (Haley) right on down and we play complimentary football. You’re sitting in the game last week, it’s 9-9 in the fourth quarter with a chance to beat a tough team on the road and we didn’t do enough on offense to get that done. This week we’ll go in and whatever the circumstances are that happen in the game, we’ll try to play that way. As for Matt, if you ask him if he’d like to throw it on every down, sign him up. He’s a fan of yours if that’s what you want. When it comes right down to it, we’ve got 11 guys out there that are all trying to do their job and we try to get them all involved.”

Q: Are you still learning about your players?

WEIS: “I agree 100 percent with Romeo. We’re new to here, this is our first year here and you deal with the veteran players first of all but then on top of that we both have some young guys that are both in the mix and watching them evolve from rookies to guys that you’re counting on in the game. So, the combination of our relative newness ourselves of being here with these players, in combination with some young guys that are growing every game, the learning of your players never stops.”

Q: Last week, WR Dwayne Bowe dropped that pass in the end zone and then you went right back to him. Was that designed to try to get that out of his head?

WEIS: “The coverage allowed it to come right to him on that play but there are a lot of times we try to do that to get that out of the way – if a guy fumbles, give him the ball. You give him the ball to show, ok, it’s gone, let’s get going. Quarterback makes a bad throw, you throw another one that he can go ahead and complete to get their confidence back up. It’s kind of just part of the psyche that you’re involved with when you’re playing.”

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