Q&A with Charlie Weis - 10/8

Posted Oct 8, 2010

Q: What did you learn about some of your playmakers in the San Francisco game? Particularly about some of the guys who can turn a six or seven-yard pass into a big gain?


WEIS: “I think that any time you can get yards after catch that becomes significant because you can’t just throw every ball down the field when you can throw some short to intermediate passes and they turn into big plays. That really bodes well for production of the offense.”

Q: Has Manning always kind of overshadowed their defense? They’ve always had some pretty good defensive players…

WEIS: “Well, from our standpoint, Manning has always been the Indianapolis Colts. It all starts with him, he’s their leader. He’s not just the leader of their offense, he’s the leader of their team and you know everything starts with him. In my case, unlike RAC (Romeo), I’m not worrying about Peyton, I’m worrying their defense. I’ve got enough problems worrying about those two defensive ends coming off the edge than Romeo’s worrying about that number 18 guy.”

Q: How prolific have their ends been and what kind of pressure do they put on your team?

WEIS: “Well, they put IT on every team. They have two racehorse defensive ends that in the last five years have over 100 sacks between the two of them. When you’re game planning a team and you only have one dynamic defensive end it’s different than when you’ve got one coming off each edge. It presents a whole bunch of problems for you because you can slide to one and shift to one but when you’ve got guys coming off of both edges that if they get to the passer, you’ve got your work cut out for you.”

Q: Do you have to consider slowing the offense down a little knowing that Peyton’s on the other side of the field?

WEIS: “I think that any time you play the Colts everyone knows that the more 18 is on the bench, the better off you are. But if we hand the ball off or if we throw a pass on the first play that goes for a touchdown, you’ve got to score touchdowns. That’s the other thing, you can’t just go on long drives and have to punt. You have to score touchdowns because at the end of the day, especially playing at home, they’re a tough bunch to deal with.”

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