Q&A with Charlie Weis 10/29

Posted Oct 29, 2010

Q: Why has the offensive line done so well so far this year?


WEIS: “I think some of it could be attributed to continuity but some of it can especially be contributed to veterans playing together. That’s the one position, more than other, that’s really the true model of a team because there are five guys that all really have to play together and communicate together and they’ve taken a lot of pride, our whole team’s taken a lot of pride, but those guys have really set the table and set goals high for us to keep improving every week.”

Q: Can a couple of the right veteran players come in and change it from a mediocre line to a very good line? Is it that simple?

WEIS: “I think the most important thing with the offensive line besides ability is chemistry and I think that there’s very good chemistry with those guys playing.”

Q: People want to know how Charlie’s doing. What can we tell them?

WEIS: “Which Charlie are you talking about? I’ll talk about little Charlie (his son). Charlie’s doing fine. I like it here in Kansas City, I like it here with the Chiefs, my family likes it here, things have gone well and we just keep plugging along and it’s a week-by-week deal and we’re just trying to beat the Buffalo Bills.”

Q: Are you paying much attention to the unfortunate event that happened at Notre Dame?

WEIS: “The kid worked for us for two years. It’s an awful tragedy. I know that my family, we’ve been a little bit in the tank about this for a couple of days now. Obviously the Weis family’s thoughts and prayers are both with Declan’s (Sullivan) family, but the whole Notre Dame family, in addition. It’s just awful.”

Q: Head Coach Todd Haley was joking earlier this week that he likes to give you a hard time about the cart that you’re using. Do you like the ribbing that you get from the head coach?

WEIS: “I do what I have to do. I can walk from spot to spot but when we go back and forth so much in practice, it isn’t whether or not I can stand or not, I’ll get the knee done after the season, it’s getting from one end to the other end. I just can’t get there so the last thing I want to do is hold anything up. I’ll take the abuse. I can live with that.”

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