Q&A with Charlie Weis 11/5

Posted Nov 5, 2010

Q: “Do you think you can put up some points in this Raiders game?


CHARLIE WEIS: “I think we are going to have to put up some points on this Raiders defense. The last couple weeks they have been pretty explosive and I think that we are always big on playing complimentary games. Whatever it is going to take, that is how many points we are going to need.”

Q: How did you view last week’s offensive performance?

WEIS: “I didn’t like the number of points we scored but when you can run the ball that efficiently, especially when you are getting ready for November and December, I think that the teams that play well as the year goes on are teams that can control the ball at the line of scrimmage by pounding it. Last week as far as that element goes, I thought we were very productive.”

Q: Does DE Richard Seymour look like the same guy you knew in New England?

WEIS: “He has some gas in his tank. I have a lot of respect for Richard. He was a great player when I was around him. He looks like he is playing with a lot of energy.”

Q: Does it change things with the offense if CB Nnamdi Asomugha doesn’t play?

WEIS: “They draft fast corners so even if he doesn’t play, one thing they do with their DBs including their safeties too, they are fast across the board. Anytime you have the potential of an All-Pro guy not playing, it is a good thing for us but at the same time they have quality defensive backs with very good speed.”

Q: Do you look at Oakland as an intimidating place to play because of their fans?

WEIS: “I look at it as a unique environment. I think it is actually kind of fun. For the young guy who goes in for the first time, it could be a tad bit overwhelming but I think when you have been around for awhile it is actually a fun place but it is definitely unique.”

Q: How many times have you been in there and what have you seen that is unique?

WEIS: “I don’t remember how many times but I know from warm-ups on you are getting abused pretty good. They never let off, it is a fun place to go to.”

Q: Is that how it should be or do you think they are a little over the top?

WEIS: “Every place is different. Every town you go to, every city you go to has its own aura about it. You go to our place and our place is a heck of a place to go to. I remember going to Kansas City as a visitor and it was an awesome experience. I think Oakland has its own personality and it is kind of fun to go to.”

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