Q&A with Charlie Weis 12/10

Posted Dec 10, 2010

Q: What can you tell us about your quarterback situation?


WEIS: “What do you mean, what can I tell you? (laughs) The good thing is, with the way we do this, and I am sure Todd (Haley) has already gone over this with everyone, but we always have the second guy get a limited number of reps each week to make sure that, if in fact he had to go into the game due to injury or anything else, he is set and ready to go. All that has happened this week with Brodie (Croyle) is that it has been fast tracked. He has the big number of reps and Tyler (Palko) has a small number of reps, but that is just how we move it. I think mentally we couldn’t be in a better situation because the kid is ready to play.”

Q: With the offense you run, will there be changes?

WEIS: “No change. Because you have parameters of what you do you find the system is basically the same for all the guys. Now there a couple of things, for example Matt (Cassel) may have some favorite plays that might be a little different than Brodie’s favorite plays. For the most part the core doesn’t change at all for any of them. There are no drastic changes for the offense.”

Q: Is there any worry that if Brodie tries to use his strong arm that turnovers might pop up?

WEIS: “I don’t think it has anything to do with the arm, I think it has to do with your brain. You have to make good decisions and I think that is really the point that Todd and the rest of the staff have conveyed this week. He is not going to all the sudden start slinging it all over the yard, that is not going to happen.”

Q: Has Brodie made significant strides since the last time we saw him start in the first game of last season vs. Baltimore?

WEIS: “Well first off in preseason he was playing in game situations, but I think that I am not speaking just for me, I will really defer things to Todd, but I have the utmost confidence in Brodie. He has shown day in and day out that he is a pro and he knows how to prepare. He has all the attributes to go and be a guy who can help us win and that is what he wants to do, he just wants to be part of helping us win.”

Q: How was Matt Cassel feeling today?

WEIS: “He was fine until he saw me then all the sudden he said he was starting to feel sick all over again.” (laughs)

Q: As a guy who calls the plays, will it take you awhile to get used to Brodie and the things he does well?

WEIS: “By now you are zeroed in, we have spent a lot of time in preparing for these games and by the time you get to Friday you have already settled into that comfort zone. Here in about an hour or two you are going to start writing openers for the game. You can’t go on Sunday and say what are we going to do now. I think we have settled in pretty nicely to where this is heading.”

Q: Does his lack of reps prior to this week change in any way how you are going to call plays?

WEIS: “I think you would be more concerned if this was a rookie you were dealing with. A rookie who would have very little game experience is a little different. As I said before, all that has been done is that this has been fast tracked. A couple reps a period before, now he is getting the majority and Tyler (Palko) is getting those couple reps. Because this is a veteran guy who has started in this league, played in this league and I know his mind, his preparation, his work ethic and everything like that, it is really not a major concern to tell you the truth.”

Q: Are you planning on Brodie being the starter?

WEIS: “Those questions all go to the head coach. Are you trying to get me in trouble? In today’s practice Brodie got most of the reps so if we were playing a game based off of today’s practice the answer would be ‘yes,’ but I get in enough trouble on my own, I don’t need any help from you.”

Q: The last few weeks it seems like you guys have kept a core group of plays. Is that helpful in this situation?

WEIS: “It has fit in nicely in this case because we have tried to find the things that we do the best and just do it from more looks. That doesn’t take any exact science to figure that out, we are just trying to do what we do and that is it.”

Q: Overall team spirit, what is that like right now?

WEIS: “I think it has been uplifting because Matt hasn’t been around (laughs). He would expect me to say that so make sure we get that on the air. This isn’t like anyone is like, ‘oh no, Matt is not here.’ It hasn’t been like that. It was nice for him to be here today and he is that much close to getting back on the field. We have won three in a row and are starting the fourth quarter. That is how Todd breaks down the season, this is the first game of the fourth quarter. We have a critical game against a division opponent and I think it would bode well for us if we can go on the road and do some damage.”

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