Q&A with Charlie Weis 12/17

Posted Dec 17, 2010

Q: Is it a playoff like atmosphere around here?


WEIS: “I think that we are worrying about just focusing on one game and that is the way we have always approached it. We can’t worry about the game three weeks from now or the game two weeks from now. We have to put our time and energy into this game, this Sunday, 12 o’clock against the Rams.”

Q: How difficult is it not knowing if QB Matt Cassel will be able to play? Is it hard to decide how many reps each guy should get?

WEIS: “Reps take care of themselves and I think that the most important thing from a coaching staff’s perspective is just to make sure you have everyone ready to go. That is what we do and I think we feel comfortable that everyone is ready to go. That is what coaches do. Players get ready to go and our job is to make sure that we put them into a position so that whoever is in there can function.”

Q: Was that the most blitzing you had seen all year last week vs. San Diego?

WEIS: “No, we have seen a good percentage of blitzes and we have been pretty productive for most of the year against the blitz. Teams do a lot against us because we run the ball so well. They get guys up there and say you can’t run it. That is not going to stop us from doing what we do.”

Q: Are you part of the evaluation if there is a game-time decision on your quarterback? Can you pick up things that you can pass along to the head coach, the medical staff, etc.?

WEIS: “I am a small part of it, but it really comes down to the head coach and the medical staff. (Head Coach) Todd (Haley) does an excellent job of taking our input and using it, but the bottom line comes down to the head coach and the medical staff on issues like that.”

Q: Did you have to build QB Brodie Croyle back up after last week’s game?

WEIS: “He bounced back. He felt bad, we all felt bad, it was across the board. He had a lot of help on that one. He is a resilient guy and he bounced back. He felt bad but join the club, so did everyone else.”

Q: In hindsight, were you guys a little too conservative against the Chargers?

WEIS: “That game at the end of the first quarter was 7-0. If the game starts getting away from you early then things change, but that is not the way it was. Things were not going perfect, but still at the end of the first quarter it was 7-0. I think you get to the point where you want to make sure that you play a game within the complimentary factors of the entire team. You can’t look at it as just what you are doing on offense, defense, special teams. It is everything put together.”

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