Q&A with Charlie Weis 12/24

Posted Dec 24, 2010

Q: Charlie, on the offensive side, RB Thomas Jones is getting close to another 1,000-yard season. How would you evaluate him for the offense this season?


WEIS: “I think like Romeo said, to start off, he’s a tough guy. Any time you have running backs that are tough guys it forces defensive coordinators to figure out what are we going to do, can we just load up on the inside game? But even though he’s in his 30s he still has enough giddy-up where he can bounce it outside and still make you pay. I think that what we both admire more than his toughness is the leadership that he’s brought to our team because I think that any time you’re dealing with a team that’s in the second year of a new program I think when you can bring in a proven leader like Thomas, I think it’s invaluable.”

Q: Charlie, the weather this time of year, how much does that come into play when it comes to your game planning or play calling?

WEIS: “I think that snow is really not that relevant, I think that really wind is more relevant than snow is because right now it’s a beautiful day. I think any quarterback would put one up in conditions like today, there’s not very much wind – you look at the flags, they’re hardly moving at all. I think we’ve both been in games where the wind’s blowing 30-40 miles an hour and then all of a sudden the pass game becomes basically nonexistent.”

Q: Are you focusing on doing anything to get WR Dwayne Bowe going back to where he was?

WEIS: “Well I think that the fact that Matt’s back for a full week of practice and is getting every rep and everything like that, I think that helps in the grand scheme of things because now you get back to the chemistry. I think that he’ll get his opportunities.”

Q: Do you envision splitting the running back duties in a similar fashion for the next two weeks as you’ve done so far this season?

WEIS: “Whoever the head coach and the running back coach/assistant head coach dial up is fine by me. Just put them in there and let’s go.”

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