Q&A with Charlie Weis 12/31

Posted Dec 31, 2010

Q: Could you tell with Coach Haley at a young age that he had potential?


WEIS: “It is easy to see with a young guy when there is a bright future ahead of him. It starts with work ethic and then you see that they learn under guys that were there during the (Bill) Parcells regime when to make a suggestion and to not be afraid to make a suggestion based off of research. That is what I saw from him. I mean we shared an office; it was a real small office. I was in there a lot and he was always in there. He studied, he studied, he studied and wasn’t afraid to be told he was wrong because if he had done something that was based off of research, he wasn’t afraid to give an answer even though he was a young guy. Most young guys are afraid to be wrong so they don’t say something, that wasn’t his case.”

Q: Can you talk about, in general, the decision to play or not to play certain players in a Week 17 game when the team is already in the playoffs?

WEIS: “It depends on momentum, that is one thing that comes into play. You always raise the question, do you lose momentum if you end up doing that? Which has been the case historically in the past, but more importantly I think it is the experience. Those teams that have been there year in and year out can handle it a little differently than a team that just gets to the dance for the first time in awhile. Fortunately we have a hungry group of guys that want to play. That is a good thing.”

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