Q&A with Charlie Weis 1/7

Posted Jan 7, 2011

Q: You know what it is like to get to the Super Bowl. Does this young team have the right mindset on offense as they head into the game?


WEIS: “The most important thing is that you really need to be tunnel-visioned into taking it one game at a time. If you think about the big picture, if you think about down the road, you end up going home early. The most important thing is to really have that focus on just winning one game, one game at a time. The next week doesn’t matter, it doesn’t mean anything, so with a young team, just as long as the focus stays on the game at hand, Sunday at home, at noon, we might have a chance of playing again next week.”

Q: Do you try to make them adjust to you or do you adjust to what it seems like their weakness might be?

WEIS: “They’ve been in 12 games that have been decided by a touchdown or less. They’ve won eight and lost four. When you go into a game, this is a playoff-caliber team, this is a high-caliber team. What we have to do is play a complimentary game between offense, defense, and special teams. Whatever that number is, that’s what we have to score.”

Q: When you look at what happened last weekend, what are some of the things you’ve done to keep that from going on this weekend?

WEIS: “Every week is a different set of encyclopedias. The game last week has no bearing on the game this week. Other than they get to watch that, if I were them I’d be encourage what I watched on tape. I probably would’ve enjoyed it. The flip side is that those players are watching that and saying we’re going to get after them, we’re going to get to them. I think you’ll see a different Chiefs team. You’ll see a different team show up.”

Q: It seemed like most of the year, the Chiefs offensive line has struggled with a really big front seven, is that a fair criticism?

WEIS: “From me on down, I think that was not our best performance. It will be different this week.”

Q: How do you make sure it’s different this week?

WEIS: “You take the team you’re playing. The first thing you have to do is know who their stars are. You start with this team, they have four Pro Bowlers on defense alone, and that’s not even including all those other guys who could’ve been playing. Whether you’re talking about (DT Haloti) Ngata, whether you’re talking about (LB Terrell) Suggs, (S Ed) Reed, and who could forget LB Ray Lewis. The first thing you have to realize is that they have a bunch of front line players. Then you have to look at their defense, and their schemes, and then you have to apply what we believe gives us the best chance against both what they do and who they are. We feel pretty good where we are right now.”

Q: From that experience, what have you been able to convey to this young team, what to expect?

WEIS: “The most important thing is to get to the postseason. That’s the most important thing. There are 12 teams playing this weekend, that means there are 20 teams sitting at home watching. The most important thing is getting there. Once you’re there, as we’ve all learned about being in the tournament, it’s anybody is to grab. The most important thing, the reason why you win the AFC West, to win the division, is to ensure that you have at least one playoff game at home. With our fans, with our team, with our structure, even with our relative inexperience in being in this position, we have plenty of guys that have played in playoff games here, plenty of coaches who coached in playoff games here. I don’t think there will be no shortage of excitement with our group come Sunday 12:00.”

Q: When you game plan against a defense, do you focus on watching where Ray Lewis is?

WEIS: “You know where Ray Lewis is. It doesn’t take much, you look straight ahead, there he is. He’s right there in the middle. There’s no hiding from Ray. He’s been a top player for a long time. I’m sure he’ll show up. At the same time, it’s just not personnel that you could be concerned with. You have to worry about what their defense is, what they do, and the best ways to attack.”

Q: Are Lewis and Ed Reed the two best that you have coached against?

WEIS: “I’ve been around a lot of good guys. There was that guy LB Lawrence Taylor. They’re right up there. There two potential hall of fame type of players. They are as good as it gets.”

Q: Is there any worry about the offense before they take the field?

WEIS: “We’re well past that stage. I think it’s really about what we are going to do against them. Not what they can do against us. I think that’s the way you have to approach it as an offensive player. If not, you’re going to end up being on the defensive side the whole time instead of attacking.”

Q: Not trying to compare the two, Eric Berry and Ed Reed, but do you see any similarities?

WEIS: “Great athleticism, and the ball seems to come to him. That’s one thing about Ed, he’s all over the place. I think Eric, he’s a first-year player, he’s got a very very bright future.”

Q: DT Shaun Smith tells us he wants to carry the ball, and run in for a touchdown, he wants to knock Ray Lewis over, are you going to let him this Sunday?

WEIS: “What does Shaun Smith not say? Is there anything Shaun hasn’t said.”

Q: What ways do you see that New England QB Tom Brady has rubbed off on QB Matt Cassel?

WEIS: ”Tommy was obviously a very good mentor for Matt. I think that more than anything else, this a different team, different place, but I think the preparation that you have to have at the quarterback position. I think that more than anything else Matt does a diligent job of preparing for the opponent we are playing.”

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