Q&A with DB Kendrick Lewis - 4/24

Posted Apr 24, 2010


Q: Did you know the Chiefs were interested?

LEWIS: “I met with them at the combine, I talked to a few teams. I didn’t know they were that interested, but I’m excited.”

Q: What do you know about Kansas City and the Chiefs organization?

LEWIS: “The Chiefs organization, I know that they have great fans. Coach Haley, I know his background and I’m loving that I’m getting brought into a system like his. Those are the things I know so far and I’m planning on knowing plenty more.”

Q: You’re the third defensive back the Chiefs took in this draft. They took a couple SEC guys in Javier Arenas and Eric Berry. What do you think about the Chiefs addressing their defensive backfield, with you being the third guy that they’ve taken?

LEWIS: “I just feel that they’re getting SEC-caliber guys who can play, who have played in a tougher conference. Those two great guys who you mentioned who were picked before me, I plan on getting to know better and competing with those guys once I get there.”

Q: How do you feel you fit in? Do you feel you’re going to come in and compete for a starting role? What has the organization told you?

LEWIS: “I’m just going to do whatever Coach Haley has in store for me to do, whatever he plans for me to do, whether it’s special teams, I’m going to compete at any position. Whatever they say, that’s my role, that’s what role I’m going to play and I’m going to compete at the highest level.”

Q: What is your greatest strength?

LEWIS: “My greatest strength is I’m smart, a smart football player.”

Q: You’re now teammates with WR Dexter McCluster again. Give us a scouting report. What do you think about him?

LEWIS: “Dexter McCluster, we came in as freshmen in 2006 together and he was my roommate. We were good friends and our relationship grew throughout our college career and I know you’re getting a hard-nosed, competitive guy in Dexter McCluster and I’m glad that I’m going to be on the same team with him again.”

Q: Do you plan on talking to him again and being teammates again in the pros?

LEWIS: “Yes sir. After I got picked, he was one of the first ones to text me and the first thing he said was ‘It’s on, let’s make it happen.’ That’s what we plan on doing.”

Q: What kind of roommate is Dexter? Is he messy? Is he clean?

LEWIS: “We both kept the room up. We’re both real clean guys, we come from real clean homes. I’ve met his parents; he’s met my parents through the time that we spent together as roommates and everything. He’s a real clean guy, a funny guy, a guy who likes to have a fun time.”

Q: How did you guys decide to live together in an apartment or dorm?

LEWIS: “We came on our visit together up here at Ole Miss and you know we developed a relationship. We were two guys coming in together at the receiver position and we just had a bond.”

Q: How was making the transition from receiver to the defensive backfield for you?

LEWIS: “Coming out of high school there was kind of a debate about if I was going to play receiver of if I was going to play safety because I played both ways in high school, but you know, early on I struggled but once I got into it and learned the defense and got the defensive mentality, I gave it my all and I was able to do some good things for the program.”

Q: You met on your recruiting visit but how did you guys know about each other?

LEWIS: “You know how it is, coming out of high school, you look at the recruits that are coming there and I saw that he was a receiver and I was a receiver and you know I kind of looked at guys like that. Once I got there, we had some conversations and from there, the relationship grew.”

Q: Who’s better at Madden?

LEWIS: “When we were in the dorm, he beat me, he beat me. He’s not a big gamer but we would play on the PS2 and he would beat me.”

Q: Is it going to be helpful having a friend and a familiar face for both of you around here when you get to town?

LEWIS: “Yeah, yeah. That’ll definitely be helpful to have a guy like Dexter, a guy that you know you feel close to. That’s a guy I’d love to play with. That’s a guy that I think anyone would be having kind, that caliber of person and player along with me, that’s going to definitely help the situation.”

Q: What would Dexter say about you as a player?

LEWIS: “Dexter would say I’m a hard-nosed player that plays with heart, who plays with tenacity, who loves the game.”

Q: Did you guys often go back to your room or apartment and keep talking about football?

LEWIS: “Yes sir, yes sir. My freshman year those were most of the time the talks that we had, especially while we were in camp and when we were in season. Who are we going up against? Those were common things that we would always talk about with football, always talking about what we were going to do. Dexter was a guy who used to dream a lot, he used to have dreams the night before game and he was dreaming about what he was going to do the next day. We used to share those moments with each other, things like that.”

Q: Did he talk in his sleep at all?

LEWIS: “No, he didn’t talk in his sleep. He’d probably get caught singing in his sleep.”

Q: So he would actually dream about what was going to happen in the game?

LEWIS: “No, he would just dream about him, like what I would do, I would play a couple series of a game in my head, with him, he would dream of him making plays, of him scoring a touchdown, those are the type of things he talked about. To me, I used to do just play a couple series in my head before I went to bed.”

Q: How important is it to you guys to live another dream together and play in the NFL?

LEWIS: “Definitely important. It’s a childhood dream. It’s something that we always dreamed about not knowing that we would meet each other in the future and be able to play in college and on the next level together on the same team. That’s a dream come true and I’m glad we’re able to fulfill our dreams with the Kansas City Chiefs.”

Q: What do you like to do as a safety? Are you a hard-hitter or more of a cover guy?

LEWIS: “I like to do both as a safety. I like to come up hit in and I like to make plays and interceptions – make plays on the ball. I’ve got a little bit of all of it in my arsenal. I just can’t wait to get back out on the field and give the Chiefs organization what I have.”

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