Q&A with Derrick Johnson 12/28

Posted Dec 28, 2011

Q: Congratulations, how did you find out about the Pro Bowl?

JOHNSON: “Scott Pioli gave me a call about a hour before and told me congratulations. I started grinning from ear to ear, it was definitely a proud moment, definitely hard work pays off. I just couldn’t be more proud of mostly my defensive linemen for the job they do in front of me because so many times they take up blockers and they allow me to freelance at time and use my athleticism. It definitely was a team award, anytime you get an individual award, especially in football it’s all about the team really.”

Q: So have you heard from the defensive line expecting anything from you?

JOHNSON: “No, they’ve been giving me some looks but they definitely greeted me and told me congratulations. They are really proud of that and they know I couldn’t have done it without them, they know that for sure.”

Q: How difficult would it have been a few years ago when you got taken out of the starting line up to envision a call like that coming in last night for the Pro Bowl?

JOHNSON: “It definitely was hard for me to go through something that I’ve never gone through before. But whatever doesn’t kill you will make you stronger and that’s the situation God had put me in to make me stronger and get me better mentally and physically on the field and it panned out great for me. You never know when you get your chance to get accolades, go to the Pro Bowl or anything like that so you’ve just got to keep your mind positive and you’ve got to be motivated every time you go out on the field, regardless of the situation. It was a hard situation for me a couple of years ago but you keep your head down and eyes closed and don’t get distracted and keep working.”

Q: What did you do to try and do more of what the coaches wanted?

JOHNSON: “We talked about it in the past privately but whatever it was, it wasn’t good enough. The situation happened and I had to fight through it, that’s the main thing. I really never want to go back to that situation or bring up anything that was said or was predicted about my play beforehand. But right or wrong it happened and I fought through it and I’m just trying to hopefully keep this ongoing.”

Q: Do you think it helped you in some ways?

JOHNSON: “Yes it helped me a lot. It helped me a lot, that’s why I said right or wrong I came out on top. So it was a good deal.”

  Q: What do you think pushed you over the top to the Pro Bowl this year?

JOHNSON: “I was more consistent this year then I was even last year. I felt last year towards the end of the year due to nicks and nacks or due to whatever it was, I wasn’t as consistent. I wasn’t making as many plays later on during the year but this year I’ve been more consistent. That’s what I put my mind to every week, trying to have good games back-to-back.”

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