Q&A with LB Cameron Sheffield - 4/24

Posted Apr 24, 2010


Q: Did you expect the Chiefs to be the team coming after you?

SHEFFIELD: “I really didn’t know what to expect as far as who was coming after me. I am very grateful that the Chiefs took interest in me and I will do my best to repay them back on the field.”

Q: What position are you comfortable playing? Do you think you are more of a linebacker or defensive lineman?

SHEFFIELD: “Any position that they put me at. Either way I am going to compete and do my best to excel wherever they put me.”

Q: Did you play defensive end at Troy?

SHEFFIELD: “Yes, sir.”

Q: Were you expecting to be drafted as a linebacker?

SHEFFIELD: “Yeah, throughout the different events, most teams pretty much told me I was going to be a 3-4 linebacker. So I pretty much expected it.”

Q: Do you think the transition will be hard from DE to LB?

SHEFFIELD: “I just have to put in the extra work to get things down and I am going to give it my all.”

Q: Do you watch Troy graduate DeMarcus Ware much?

SHEFFIELD: “Yeah, I watch him a lot. He is a very good player.”

Q: Is there anyone you have patterned your game after?

SHEFFIELD: “I haven’t necessarily patterned my game after anyone per se. I just try and stick to my own game. Like you said, DeMarcus Ware is an eye catcher and also Dwight Freeney.”

Q: What do you bring to the table?

SHEFFIELD: “I am a pass rusher, I can play the run very well. I will be able and willing to play special teams. Anything they need me to do I will be more than willing to do.”

Q: Do you know much about Kansas City or the Chiefs organization?

SHEFFIELD: “I know we have a good organization, great fans and I am just looking forward to getting down there and seeing where this thing goes.”

Q: Where did you think you would go in this draft?

SHEFFIELD: “I wasn’t really sure. I was kind of thinking more fourth but the fifth round is where God intended me to go. Honestly I believe that God has plans for everybody and that the Chiefs were part of my plan.”

Q: Who called you and told you that you were going to be a Chief?

SHEFFIELD: “Coach Haley.”

Q: What did he say?

SHEFFIELD: “’Are you excited to be a Chief?’”

Q: What was your answer?

SHEFFIELD: “I am very excited to be a Chief!”

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