Q&A with Matt Cassel - 9/20

Posted Sep 22, 2010


Q: You are 2-0. How do you keep in perspective these win?


MATT CASSEL: “It is really easy because of the year that we went through last year. That keeps things in perspective and coach keeps us grounded. We know that it is a great start for our team to be 2-0. It is outstanding for us, for the organization and the city but at the same time we are only two games into the year. We have 14 games left to go and a lot can change from right now to the end of the season. We have a lot of work to do and we have seen that over the past two weeks. We have won but by no means are we satisfied with how we won those games. We are going to continue to push to get better and we are excited about where the team is though.”

Q: What has TE Tony Moeaki done to put himself in good position to catch your eye on the field since he has become a frequent target for you?

CASSEL: “Tony has done a great job. He has come in since day one and done what the coaching staff has asked him to do. He works tremendously hard and he had a great game last week. We just hope that continues on throughout the rest of the year.”

Q: Are you surprised your leading receiver right now is a rookie tight end?

CASSEL: “You know I am never surprised. It is one of those things where sometimes the defense just dictates who the ball goes to that week and last week Tony got a lot of great looks and was able to get open on a lot of those coverages they were giving us.”

Q: Did you watch the Monday Night Football game?

CASSEL: “Actually I had a charity event I went to for Shadow Buddies so I wasn’t able to watch a lot of it. I did watch it last night.”

Q: Can you talk about the 49er defense and former Missouri Tiger DT Justin Smith?

CASSEL: “They have a powerful front seven group. You talked about DT Justin Smith, he is a bull, he really is. We call him an all day sucker because he never stops, he continues to go each and every play and he is an outstanding player. They have great speed at the linebacker position starting with LB Patrick Willis who is pry one of the most dynamic linebackers in the NFL. Then you go into the secondary which they have a very strong secondary, and I said that is led by CB (Nate) Clements, number 22 who is a great player with great change of direction and good ball skills. They definitely have a great defense and we have our work cut out for us this week.”

Q: Do you guys have any concerns that you are facing a team that is in a must win situation?

CASSEL: “We know that they are a good team, we don’t take them lightly by any means. They have had some close games and you can see by the Monday Night Football game that they are a good football team and they play good defense. They were right on the cusp of beating the world champions. I know that they are going to come in here hungry, this team is expecting it and we are going to be ready for the challenge.”

Q: We discussed with coach that you were having communication issues. What were you hearing in your helmet?

CASSEL: “We had some communication issues in terms of some static in the helmet and that happens on the road in a lot of stadiums. That is just part of the game and I was just trying to get the play in and get going. Sometimes that just happens and you have to deal with it.”

Q: It sounds like that has been happening all season though, is that the case and has it been affecting you?

CASSEL: “Not much to be completely honest. Last game was really the first game that I really noticed it. It happened for a few plays in a row where the communication was down in the helmet and I was trying to get the play. Other than that I think it has been pretty smooth in terms of the operation.”

Q: Do you just hear nothing when that happens?

CASSEL: “It is actually some static so it will go in and out. You will hear a word and then it will go in and out so you don’t really hear the play call. A lot of times you are working on that clock because with 15 seconds left on that play clock, that thing shuts off and you can’t get the play.”

Q: So you are not getting any cab calls or anything like that?

CASSEL: (Laughing) “Can I get a large pizza on level three please?”

Q: Is it a different feel being 2-0 than being 0-2 to start the season last year?

CASSEL: “It is absolutely a different mood. It is always great to win. I have said it before, it is tough to win games in the NFL. No matter how you do it, we are 2-0 right now and we are happy about being there and this team is gaining confidence. We are happy to be 2-0 rather than 0-2 or 1-2 or 1-1. But we know that we have a lot of improvement and that is something that this team doesn’t take lightly and we are willing to make the sacrifice to get better.”

Q: You said earlier that you have won but are by no means happy with the way you did it. Can you be more specific?

CASSEL: “I think coach has touched on it and he has pry said, we have won ugly. A lot of people have said that and I know that may be the case but at the same time, when I say we are not satisfied we would love to win by 31 points and blow people out of the water but that doesn’t always happen. At the same time, we are working and will continue to work to make ourselves better on the football field.”

Q: You are happy with winning ugly as opposed to not winning ugly?

CASSEL: “I’d rather win ugly every day of the week than lose pretty.”

Q: Where is QB Matt Cassel after two full seasons as a starter in this league?

CASSEL: “Still growing. Still eager to get better each and every time I go out. I am blessed to be able to play this game and I am excited to be in this position, in this city and with this team. I am excited about where we can go so I am happy to be here and I am eager to keep going and see where we can take this thing.”

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