Q&A with Matt Cassel 11/17

Posted Nov 17, 2010


OPENING STATEMENT: “Obviously the game Sunday didn’t go as we had liked or planned. Our hats go off to Denver, they kicked our butt and that is what it came down to. We have five days until our next game to make the corrections that we need to make. We were in here on Monday, we watched the tape, we made the corrections with the coaching staff and now we have turned our focus to the Cardinals and we are really trying to move forward and get ready to come home against a good opponent.”


Q: Did coach give you any insights to this Arizona team since he did spend some time there?

CASSEL: “He is very familiar with the personnel so I think from an insight standpoint, he is able to give us some insight on their personnel and different players from being around those guys. From a game standpoint, I think that they are doing a little bit of what he did before and I am sure that they have now put their own touches on the offense.”

Q: Was he able to give you insight on the defense from practicing against them all the time?

CASSEL: “I think from a personnel standpoint he can give us a lot of insight on some of those players but they have a different defensive coordinator from when he was there so it is a different scheme.”

Q: How does the weather affect your throwing?

CASSEL: “If it is raining it really affects it. The wind conditions can really affect it but as it gets colder and even snow, it really doesn’t affect throwing as much.”

Q: Did you happen to see the hit on TE Tony Moeaki?

CASSEL: “I saw it after the fact and I know that Tony was looking in at the ball. That guy just came in like a missile and he got him pretty good. I am just thankful that Tony was able to get up and recover and it wasn’t worse than what it could have been.”

Q: If you don’t have Moeaki this Sunday, how does that change the way you prepare?

CASSEL: “Really it doesn’t change the way that I prepare or part of the team prepares. We just try and close ranks and try to move forward. You have to go out there with the guys that you have and play and you can’t let that impact you mentally or physically. You just have to go out there and win the ball game with who you have.”

Q: Have teams changed the way they prepare for you with WR Dexter McCluster being out these past few games?

CASSEL: “A little bit, I would say so, just because Dexter adds a little bit of flexibility in what we do from a personnel standpoint. At the same time, we are getting a lot of the same defenses that we were getting early on in the year when they were trying to load the box with an extra safety or something like that to take care of the run.”

Q: How have teams been able to bat down passes against you? Are they reading you better than they have in the past?

CASSEL: “I think anytime you throw the ball 53 times in a game and you are in that position where they know that you are going to throw, sometimes those defensive linemen get a little bit tired and they use more of the tactic of standing there and wait for the quarterback to throw so they can jump up and bat the ball down. That happens sometimes but all in all for the most part we did a pretty good job throughout the course of the game of trying to work around those guys.”

Q: It was a 26-point difference in the fourth and you were still in. Why were you still in the game?

CASSEL: “It was us just trying to get better as an offensive unit and we needed to work on the passing game. Also, we have to continue to fight. In this profession you are paid to play for 60 minutes and that is what we were doing.”

Q: Is it great to be back home?

CASSEL: “It is always great to be back home. It is always fun to come home in front of the home crowd at Arrowhead and hopefully we can take advantage of it again like we have been all year.”

Q: Do you think you will be the type of player that plays until his tank runs out or will you be the type of guy that will play until the coach grabs you and tells you your time is up?

CASSEL: “That goes back to just being a player and being competitive. I want to be out there every single snap so until someone tells me, ‘hey you are out,’ I am going to try and go out there each and every play.”

Q: Did you guys accomplish getting back to the drawing board this week as well as fundamentals?

CASSEL: “I think so. We spent a little bit more time in individual period today just working on fundamentals, technique. We also had a nine on seven period today which was basically just lining up and working on the run game, fitting and spots, things like that. He definitely had an emphasis on getting back to the fundamentals today.”

Q: What have the coaches said to you about the fumble in the Denver game and what do you say to yourself when you are looking at the tape?

CASSEL: “There are times where you get out of the pocket and you are trying to see if someone is going to uncover down field. Unfortunately it doesn’t work out and might get sacked on that play. The one that you are talking about, the strip sack, that one was not actually one where I was trying to make a play, I just didn’t see the guy coming. I have to do a better job taking care of the ball, there is no doubt about it. There is a happy medium between the two because you are trying to make a play and you are also trying to take care of the ball as much as I can. There was an emphasis throughout the off-season and there will be an emphasis as I go forward to throw it away and live to fight another down.”

Q: Some of the guys thought today was a particularly good practice with a lot of energy. How would you characterize it?

CASSEL: “I though it was a very good practice for us today. There was very good competition out there and I think that guys did bring a lot of energy and are excited to get back out there and are eager to get this taste out of our mouths from last Sunday.”

Q: Coach referred to last Sunday as a wake-up call. Does that seem to be the theme that the team is following with today’s practice?

CASSEL: “I think so. I think the guys want to get this thing going in the right direction and get back on track. We know that we have been on the road here the last two weeks and lost two tough games and now it is time to get back home and hopefully get back on track and going the right direction.”

Q: How much did your rating go up from the appearance on Hell’s Kitchen?

CASSEL: “A lot of people have talked to me about that. It was a fun experience, we just went out there and a lot of people are talking to me about it.”

Q: Who is scarier? Todd Haley or Chef Ramsey?

CASSEL: “Gordon Ramsey is pretty intense. He is a screamer, he gets in there. Coach Haley could give him a run for his money every now and then.”

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