Q&A with Maurice Carthon - 8/9

Posted Aug 9, 2010


Q: How do you like your guys so far?


Carthon: "These guys, this group is about as good a group as I’ve had in a while. I mean they work hard. Thomas (Jones) has been a great addition to our football team and he’s really made my job a lot easier. He’s like a Richie Anderson was when we were at Dallas together. Richie ran my meeting room; same thing that Thomas is doing.”

Q: You know I saw an interesting drill the other day where you had a guy in a porta-potty. What is the the back story of that drill and where you picked that up from?

Carthon: “My first year of coaching at the Patriots I learned that from Mike Pope. He really did a good job through all the years with the tight-ends he coached and I was wondering, asked him one day you know he had everything to sort of make his guys better. I thought that was a great drill and you think about it and you start doing it, I haven’t did it in a while but it’s a good concentration drill, I think, you know for hands, eyes, and getting the ball and getting your hands up quick.”

Q: What have you seen from WR Dexter McCluster and what does he adds to the offense?

Carthon: “Dexter’s a good case of what they are. But our whole football team offensively, there’s a lot of guys making plays and these guys are working hard, it’s not just Dexter. I see a lot of improvement at the tight-end position for us, our offensive line is playing good, and our quarterbacks are playing good. But we’re only going to go as far as our offensive line takes us and our defensive line takes us, you know as a team. I don’t want to put a whole lot of pressure on Dexter to come out and be this type of guy that everybody knows his ability is. But, he’s got to earn his way on the field and I think that’s the good thing about having Charlie (Weis), Romeo (Crennel) and Coach Haley here because we’re going to make guys earn their way on the field and that’s what he’s doing.”

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