Q&A with Rome Crennel 11/26

Posted Nov 26, 2010

Q: The Seahawks passing game has been clicking these past few weeks. Do you think that is because it is Week 12 of the season and the team is starting to get comfortable with scheme and such?


CRENNEL: “I think everybody gets better as the year goes along, particularly offensive teams, players and quarterbacks. They begin to know what the other guys are going to do, what each other is going to do. They begin to understand and know what to expect and I think that is happening there in Seattle a little bit. The quarterback is doing a good job of getting the ball out and putting it in places for the receivers to catch. The receivers are doing a good job of running the routes and being where they are supposed to be.”

Q: How do you coach your players when it comes to stopping the play-action pass?

CRENNEL: “Well, you have to stop the run. If you stop the run you help yourself a lot with the play-action pass. That is one of the things about the play action; if they are not able to run the ball then the linebackers don’t get held by the play-action fake. They can be more patient and kind of hang back so to speak and get deep for those play-action routes. If the running game is going, then when the run fake comes those linebackers start screaming up towards the line of scrimmage which opens up the space behind them and you can get him a lot with the play-action passes. Stop the run, that is the first defense for the play-action pass.”

Q: Is it difficult for a nickel cornerback to move to a primary cornerback role if called upon?

CRENNEL: “No, I don’t think so. The techniques are similar and he has been in the room and he gets taught everything that corner is taught who plays outside. Sometimes there are different abilities for the inside guy versus the outside guy but I think the nickel going outside to play corner, he should be ok.”

Q: Who is the best play-action quarterback?

CRENNEL: “The most effective is Peyton Manning. He does a good job of extending the ball, selling the run. He does a really good job of selling the run and then all the sudden it is not the run and the receivers he has get behind you and he does a good job of putting the ball on them. He is the most effective.”

Q: Guys like Boomer Esiason and Tom Brady perform the play-action pass like an art form. Do you think it takes a lot of work to get that act down?

CRENNEL: “Sure it does. It takes a lot of work to get it down and they work harder on their footwork, they work harder on the sell and are in conjunction with their offensive lineman as well they have to sell as well. When you get it all working together it is hard to tell the difference.”

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