Q&A with Romeo Crennel - 10/15

Posted Oct 15, 2010


Q: You have been playing pretty good run defense. Does it help every day when you face a pretty good rushing offense in practice?


CRENNEL: “Sure it does. I tell you what, when you play run defense you have to develop a mentality about discipline, about playing the blocks and knowing when to get off the blocks. If you face it every day in practice that helps develop that mentality that you are able to take into the game.”

Q: What do you think of RB Arian Foster?

CRENNEL: “Pretty good. Not bad at all. Everybody in the NFL has fire power and they have some good players. This team we are getting ready to face has several good players and they have done a nice job with their running game. They have a lot of double-digit runs. They break long ones so that is going to be a challenge for us to see if we can prevent the long run. If we can do that then we will be able to have a chance.”

Q: The Texans still run the zone blocking scheme from Coach Alex Gibbs’ days. What do you think of that?

CRENNEL: “Alex is a great football coach. What he has taught those guys they are doing a good job of because they are still carrying that zone blocking scheme where they tie up the front line guys to create a seem for the runner. They have been doing a good job of it, especially the number of double-digit runs they have.”

Q: With a guy like Foster who was undrafted, does that happen because there are so many talented running backs that he slipped through the cracks?

CRENNEL: “You find guys who slip through the cracks all the time. When you go through the NFL there are always guys who are undrafted who turn out to be really good players for whatever reason. A lot of it has to do with their effort, their desire and they are determined to make it. I was in Cleveland and WR Josh Cribbs was a quarterback, undrafted free-agent that turns into being one of the top special teams players in the NFL. It is not only running backs; it is several different positions throughout the NFL.”

Q: When you first arrived you said you were going to be a game plan coach and vary from week to week. Was last week’s game in Indy the perfect example of your coaching style?

CRENNEL: “No, it wasn’t perfect because we didn’t win. You have to adapt to what you are going to see and what you think the other team does and try to put yourself in the best position to play that team. That does change from week to week and so this week it will be different from last week. Next week will be different from this week. We look at the guys we are playing and try to determine what we need to stop and how we are playing ourselves because that has a lot of impact as well.”

Q: Are you still learning things about the players or do you feel like you have a good handle on it?

CRENNEL: “I’m still learning my guys. You learn something new every day generally and so you find out something about your players. I think they find out some things about themselves as the season progresses because they are in different type games. Game will go down to the wire and so we are still learning each other.”

Q: You have had a lot of guys that have played in different positions and different spots on your defense. Is that because your guys can do that or is it something you just want to do?

CRENNEL: “Because they can do it. If a player can do things we ask them to do more generally. The more you can do, the more we ask you to do. If they are able to handle it, we do it. If they cannot handle it, then we are wasting our time trying to do it. We have been fortunate that these guys study, they stay on top of it and they are able to play a couple different positions.”

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