Q&A with Romeo Crennel - 10/22

Posted Oct 22, 2012

OPENING STATEMENT: “On the injury front, we should be relatively healthy. We’ve got four guys who are going to be limited who hadn’t been practicing, so we’ll have to see how much they can do and will do, [Glenn] Dorsey being one of them, [Peyton] Hillis being the other one, Steve Maneri with his ankle, even though he did practice last week, and then Devon Wylie. Those four guys are the guys that are limited and that we’re still keeping an eye on, but everybody else should be relatively healthy and good to go for this week. We sit back and we look at our record and where we are and what’s been happening with this team, and sometimes I look at the team and I feel like we’re pretty close, then other times I look at the team and feel like we’re not real close. So, you try to evaluate and try to figure out what you need to do to try to impact the team and try to change some things, because it seems like we’re kind of in a little rut as far as this team goes. So, during my evaluation and trying to impact the team I kind of felt that probably the most impactful move that I could make to get everybody’s attention was to change the quarterback, so I’m changing the quarterback and Brady Quinn will be the starter and Matt [Cassel] will be a backup. I think that that will get everybody’s attention, and hopefully that impacts the team, because the quarterback position, that’s the one that has the spotlight on it, and it gets criticized and it gets praised, no matter what happens, if it’s good or bad. If it’s good, it gets the praise, if it’s bad, it gets the criticism. Now, I am not saying that Matt Cassel is the reason we are where we are because that brush, that stroke of that brush, is a broad stroke and everybody is included in it, trying to make this better and trying to get this better. I think we need to coach better and we need to play better. If we do those things, then I think that we can be better, but my biggest deal was my gut telling me that I needed to impact the team by changing the dynamic, by having a different dynamic, and Brady Quinn is the guy that I want to go with. I thought in the Tampa game he showed some poise, he ran the offense, he was a little rusty, but I think with time and reps and play time, he should improve and get better as we go down the road. Any time you make a change at a highlight position like quarterback, the young man who is playing that position, he doesn’t like it, but I think Matt is a good pro and he’ll be a team player as it relates to it, and I think that he’ll continue to do everything that he can to help the team win because Matt does try hard, he does work hard, but as I mentioned, things have not been happening right for this team. So, I’m changing the dynamic and [we’ll] see what happens with Quinn as the starter and we’ll go from there. So today, Quinn will take the snaps because we have short preparation, we’ve got a short little head start on Oakland, so we’ll be out there practicing today and we’ll be working on Oakland. With that, I’ll open it up.”

ADAM TEICHER (KC STAR): Is this quarterback change for this week or for the rest of the season?

CRENNEL: “What I want him to be is, I want him to be the starting quarterback without having to look over his shoulder, so there is going to be no quick hook or anything like that.”

TEICHER: Was this a tough decision?

CRENNEL: “Well, I think any decision that you make, none of them are relatively easy. There all tough because of the situation we’re in, and it’s not all his fault. He had a lot of help in where we are. Like I just mentioned, we’re all in it, and we all have to tighten up our belts and do a better job.”

DAVE SKRETTA (AP): When did you let the guys know?

CRENNEL: “I let the guys know at 12:30. That’s when I let them know. I talked to both quarterbacks this morning.”

BOB GRETZ (BOBGRETZ.COM): Was this an obvious move for you?

CRENNEL: “Not really because when you think about changing the dynamic like I mentioned, what position can change the dynamic the most? And that’s the quarterback position. I decided that was the move I wanted to make to try to change the team and impact the team because this first part that we’ve been through, we’ve been playing hard, but we’ve been shooting ourselves in the foot. Like I say, we’ve been spinning the wheels, so we need to do something to try to change that to try to keep the wheels from spinning to try to get on some solid ground so we can get some traction to be able to do something with this team.”

TOM CHRISTIANSEN (41 Action News): Do you feel like the team lost confidence in Matt?

CRENNEL: “No, I don’t think the team has lost confidence in Matt. It was just one of those things, a circumstance that we’re in. You have to decide what you want to do to try to change it, so I decided to change the quarterback.”

DANNY CLINKSCALE (SPORTS RADIO 810): Besides the change up aspect, what does Brady bring to the table?

CRENNEL: “As I mentioned, I thought he showed poise in the Tampa game. I thought he managed the offense well there. As I mentioned also, he was a little rusty, but I think with playing time, practice time, I anticipate for him to be better and be able to lead this team.”

JOHNNY KANE (KMBC): How did Brady take the news?

CRENNEL: “He took it like a pro. He sat there pretty much straight-faced, but I felt some excitement emanating from it that here’s an opportunity for him. He’s going to try to make the best of it.”

JOSH KLINGLER (610 SPORTS RADIO): Any other positions that you’ve looked at to make the change?

CRENNEL: “Not the same impact. There is nobody that would have that impact other than the quarterback. That impacts the whole team, so you look at it and you decide what you’re going to do and go forward with it.”

GRETZ: The only other place you could make a change is on your staff. Did you think about that at all?

CRENNEL: “No. I did not. I just thought the quarterback position was the one I needed to change.”

CLINKSCALE: What changed in the two weeks since saying you wouldn’t have pulled Matt before he got hurt against the Ravens?

CRENNEL: “First of all, there was no bye week so we couldn’t sit back and evaluate our total situation at that time. You just go week to week in the NFL a lot of times, so after sitting back and evaluating and having time to do that, I decided that I was changing the quarterback.”

TEICHER: Did you think about long-term impacts from changing the quarterback?

CRENNEL: “No, I didn’t think about the future. The only future that I thought about was this coming Sunday.”

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