Q&A with Romeo Crennel - 9/12

Posted Sep 12, 2012

OPENING STATEMENT: “We made a roster move yesterday and Tamba [Hali] was reinstated, so we’ve added Tamba back to the roster. To do that, we had to waive a player and we waived Cameron Sheffield to make room for Tamba. We’re at 53 and we’re on the number. Injury-wise, [Allen] Bailey and [Anthony] Toribio and Kendrick Lewis will not practice today, but they’re beginning to do some individual things and beginning to do some football-related things with that. Also, [Devon] Wylie has some soreness in his ham and he’s not going to practice today. Limited is [Brandon] Flowers and [Jalil] Brown. We’ll see what they can do, how much they can get done. Otherwise, everybody else, they are okay, the normal bumps and bruises that occur during a game. They’ve been worked on, but everybody else will be at practice, so that’s where we are there. We are prepping for Buffalo to try to get ready to see if we can go win a football game, and I think that’s what the focus has to be, needs to be, and everything that we can put into preparing for the game, we need to put into preparing for the game so hopefully we can go win and be even to give us a little bit more hope as we go through the rest of the season. But like I told them, we’ve got 15 games to play, so let’s try to straighten some things out, get some things right and see where that takes us. With that, I’ll open it up.”

ADAM TEICHER (KANSAS CITY STAR): When you watched Buffalo’s game, did it look similar to what happened to you guys?

CRENNEL: “Basically, when you turn the ball over it’s hard to win. They turned the ball over like we did, their defense struggled like ours did, their special teams gave up a big return like ours did, so there are similarities, yes.”

SAM MELLINGER (KANSAS CITY STAR): Does that change the preparation or mindsets of players when they have a result like both of you guys had? Does it change how guys approach the game emotionally?

CRENNEL: “Not really. Their emotions are not going to be as high as you would like them to be if you had won, but you still have to prepare for the next opponent. So, the routine doesn’t change as far as scouting report, game plan, working in practice and the things that you have to work on to try to win. That remains the same. Now, in getting them to get their spirits lifted, generally what happens as the week goes on and the next game becomes closer, then you put that last game further and further behind you because you know that you need to be at your best for the upcoming game, and then you begin to put all the focus on the upcoming game and put the last game behind you. Even when you win, you need to do that as well.”

T.J. CARPENTER (SPORTS RADIO 810): Is this a game that carries any significance where guys have circled it because of what happened between Eric Berry and Stevie Johnson last year?

CRENNEL: “I don’t believe so. Last year is last year and this year is this year. We need to focus on this year and trying to get better and trying to win the game.”

CARPENTER: So nobody has been focusing on that play where he tore his ACL last year?

CRENNEL: “Not to my knowledge.”

TEICHER: Eric Berry seemed to think the Bills went after him. Do you agree with him?

CRENNEL: “I know Eric had mentioned that last year, during the offseason I think it was. He hasn’t mentioned anything this year other than trying to prepare to win this game.”

Q: Do you think it’s going to be tough for him to go up against Steve Johnson?

CRENNEL: “I don’t think Eric has any difficulty going up against anybody. He enjoys the game; he wants to play the game, and he wants to play it at a high level.”

TEICHER: Did Cameron Sheffield and Gabe Miller not produce to a high level like you expected?

CRENNEL: “Every roster is a little different, and all circumstances are different. You have some circumstances that you have to deal with as it relates to who you keep and who you don’t keep. Even though you end up releasing a guy, it doesn’t mean he’s not a good player or you didn’t like the guy. It just means that the circumstances didn’t allow you to keep him. That happened in both of those cases.”

TEICHER: What were the circumstances that lead you to believe that Edgar Jones was more valuable?

CRENNEL: “Edgar has come in, and I think he’s done a good job on special teams. He’s shown that he has some explosion in his play. We like some of those things.”

BRAD FANNING (KCTV-5): What can we expect to see out of Tamba Hali today?

CRENNEL: “I hope I see that effort that he gives on every play, what he brings to the table as far as pass rush goes. I hope he hasn’t forgotten anything and he can step right in and go right along.”

FANNING: Do you believe that he’s full-go?

CRENNEL: “Oh, yeah. He should be full-go.”

DAVE SKRETTA (ASSOCIATED PRESS): Does he have the kind of attitude that can lift the team as soon as he comes in here?

CRENNEL: “I think the way he approaches the game and the way he plays down-in and down-out, that impacts the guys around him because I think they want to play up to the level that he plays. If we can get guys playing up to the level that he plays, then you can lift the team.”

BOB GRETZ (BOBGRETZ.COM): What is the Chan Gailey offense like?

CRENNEL: “His offense is similar to many of the offenses in the league today, multiple wide receivers – they’re going to spread you out – they’re going to force you to show your hands so they can audible to what they consider to be the best play. They’re going to look for matchups, and if they can get a good matchup, then they can try to take advantage of it. They’re going to look at the numbers in the running game and run away from where you’ve got numbers to try and improve their odds. I think that’s what we’re going to see.”

Q: After looking at what you saw in Buffalo last week, do you think you have a fair advantage in this game?

CRENNEL: “No. I think the game is going to be a heart-felt game. As we talked about, we looked at the teams, and they’re probably pretty equal. I think both offenses feel pretty good about where they are. Both the defenses know they need work. I think the special teams are going to work on the return game. The team that executes the best will have the best chance to win.”

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