Q&A with Romeo Crennel 10/22

Posted Oct 22, 2010


Q: How do you handle the quarterback situation in Jacksonville?


CRENNEL: “I tell you what, they have experienced guys. They signed a couple guys that have played in the league, particularly QB Todd Bouman who has played in the system. That is what they should do in that situation with having those first two guys banged up a little bit. Neither one of those first two to my knowledge has been ruled out yet so we will just have to see what happens on game day and I am sure they will hold it until the last minute.”

Q: How tough is it to prepare for possibly three different guys?

CRENNEL: “Our personnel department gives us run-downs on all guys and we look at tape on all guys so we will have an idea of who we are facing.”

Q: After watching the Jaguars on MNF, the team didn’t look good. How do you keep your players from taking this Jaguars team lightly?

CRENNEL: “All you have to do is tell them that this is the NFL and on any given Sunday they can beat anybody. We are not underestimating anybody because we know that this is a game we need to get so we are going to do everything we can to win this game.”

Q: Now that you have lost two in a row, is this a game you guys have to win?

CRENNEL: “If you lose it is hard to find a lot of good things when you lose because the bottom line is did you win or did you lose? So this is a game we need to win and we are going to do everything we can to try to win it. I’m not even thinking about that other possibility.”

Q: How do you explain what happened in the second half down in Houston?

CRENNEL: “They made more plays than we made. We were not able to make any plays to stop them. If we stop them any one time then we probably win the game, but we were not able to stop them, they made plays and we didn’t make the plays. Sometimes it happens in this business. You wait for it to happen and you don’t want for it to happen, but it happens sometime.”

Q: Did guys lose confidence because things were not as aggressive towards the end?

CRENNEL: “No, I don’t think that they lost any confidence because looking at the tape it looked like everyone was trying hard, we made a couple mistakes that gave them some yards and then they were able to score when they got down into the Red Zone which we hadn’t been giving up a lot in the Red Zone but last week we gave up a lot.”

Q: The tight ends have given you trouble from time to time this year. Is there a common theme there?

CRENNEL: “Like I said, we made mistakes on those two plays where the tight end was able to change field position. As a result of it, their team had momentum and when you give up plays, your team losses a little confidence trying to get themselves settled and we were unable to get settled and it cost us the game.”

Q: It seems like every team has a tight end. Are there more of those types of guys that can catch the ball really well?

CRENNEL: “I think so because college offenses are different now. Colleges spread the ball out now and they throw it more than they used to. The guys we have to chose from and pick from are tight ends that can spread the field, they have good hands and they can catch. The thing that is beginning to suffer a bit is that you don’t find as many tight ends that are good blockers like we used to have.”

Q: What would having DE Tyson Jackson back do for you guys?

CRENNEL: “He hasn’t been able to play yet and we don’t know what we are going to get when he gets there. When you are coming back from an injury you have to overcome the mental part of it to say that this injury is ok and I can handle it and I can do it. If he is up for the game, then I think we will try to limit his reps and spot play him a little bit.”

Q: What are your thoughts on the new enforcement of hitting? Do you anticipate more flags?

CRENNEL: “Only if there are more hits like that. If the guys do a good job of tackling and seeing what they hit then there shouldn’t be more flags even though the officials have been told to look for it and protect players. As a player, if you do a good job of seeing what you hit then wrap up, you don’t get those helmet to helmet hits.”

Q: Are you worried about a player doing their job and at full speed have a clean hit and possibly get penalized for it?

CRENNEL: “My experience in the NFL is that there are going to be calls and they make the calls and there is nothing you can do about it. You just have to live with it. There is a mechanism in the league where if there is a call that you don’t agree with, you can call the league and talk to them about it. They will take a look at the play and generally they will tell you what they think of it and go from there.”

Q: Did you think the league was getting a little too rough? Do you think the extra enforcement was necessary or do you just deal with it because you have to deal with it?

CRENNEL: “You deal with it because you have to deal with it. It looks like they are trying to protect the players so it is what it is.”

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