Q&A with Romeo Crennel 10/29

Posted Oct 29, 2010

Q: How are you doing today?


CRENNEL: “I am doing great. The sun is shining and that makes it nice. We are just trying to get ready to play a football game on Sunday. We keep getting better and that is what we have been preaching to them, try and get better every day and every game. If we can do that then we give ourselves a chance.”

Q: Bills QB Ryan Fitzpatrick is the second-rated passer in the NFL. Do you think that is accurate?

CRENNEL: “I think that is pretty accurate. He is doing a very nice job for them. He has accuracy, he does a good job of reading the coverage, he looks guys off and he is doing a good job and that is why he is rated where he is.”

Q: So do you think their record is deceiving as well?

CRENNEL: “I really do. I think that they are improving as an offensive football team and they have some capabilities. When they score 30 points against New England, they took Baltimore into overtime and both of those were at their place and they are coming in here. We are concerned about what they are able to do so we are going to have to be at our best.”

Q: How is this week different from other weeks?

CRENNEL: “Every week is a different week and we just try and get our guys to work as hard as they can and then on Sunday we see what happens. It is hard to predict, you just really don’t know. Hopefully we will be able to stop the run and limit the big plays in the passing game so that we have a chance to win.”

Q: Can you talk about LB Mark Simoneau?

CRENNEL: “With Simoneau, he is a football player. He has experience and he has played on some good teams. He seems to be picking up the system well. He studies and he is a pretty sharp kid. I think that he might end up doing half way decent.”

Q: Is Chan Gailey one of the best in the business at getting the most out of a quarterback?

CRENNEL: “Well, Chan is doing a great job with the guy that he has definitely. Chan has a good track record and there are a lot of good football coaches that have good quarterbacks in this league, but I think Chan is among the top.”

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