Q&A with Romeo Crennel 11/19

Posted Nov 19, 2010

ROMEO CRENNEL: “We had a disappointing week last week so now we have been focusing on Arizona to try and get that right and see if we can play a good game on Sunday. That has been the focus, trying to get this team better and try to get our defense better and as a result we will all be better if we can get a win and that can happen. That is the focus.”


Q: Was any part of last week about not being prepared?

CRENNEL: “No, they made plays and we didn’t. Early in the game we had a chance to make a play that might have had some impact in the game but we didn’t make it and they made the plays. That is what happens when you don’t make plays, sometimes that happens.”

Q: After giving up that many points are you coaching this defense differently?

CRENNEL: “No, you coach, that is what you do every week. Every week is a different week, there is a different focus on what you think you need to do to try and win the game. You have to concentrate on those things. What is disappointing is when you do those things in a game and they don’t work, that is disappointing but we coached them like we always coach them.”

Q: After giving up 35 points in a half, how tempting is it to start over?

CRENNEL: “Well, when you get beat you always start over. You always go back to the basics and the fundamentals and do those things again. You put emphasis on those things but we are too far along to change the scheme. We are not going to go to a 4-3 team and be any good at it. We looked at what the problems were and where we had some issues and adjusted, tightened it up there and then we will see if it works on Sunday.”

Q: How important is it to get pressure on the quarterback since the secondary is a little banged up?

CRENNEL: “Well, it sure is important. It is important when you are healthy in the secondary to get pressure on the quarterback. They were able to block off seven and go play-action pass which allowed them to be able to deliver the ball. They had a good scheme. Don’t knock them, they did a good job on that. We are going to try and get some pressure and hopefully we can get them into some third downs so maybe we can get some pressure.”

Q: What is your opinion on WR Larry Fitzgerald? I am sure Todd has talked about him.

CRENNEL: “Todd doesn’t have to talk about him, you can look at him on tape and see how smooth he is, how confident he is and how good of a receiver he is. We have our hands full with him.”

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