Q&A with Romeo Crennel 11/5

Posted Nov 5, 2010

ROMEO CRENNEL: “It is a great sun shiny day here in the Midwest and you can’t beat it. We have a big game coming up this weekend, so we are excited about that. It is a division opponent on the road so we will be tested to see if we are any good or not. That has been the focus, we are trying to concentrate on getting that done, do our jobs and do it better than we have been doing it. We just try to get a little bit better every day. It doesn’t change, it just keeps going.”


Q: Do you look at this as a statement game for this team?

CRENNEL: “It is a division game, I don’t know about a statement game, but it is important because it is a division game and you want to win your division games because that gives you the best chance to move forward at the end of the season. That is what we are trying to do, trying to win it because it is a division game.”

Q: They are putting up a lot of points. What impresses you about their offense?

CRENNEL: “The team’s speed for one. Their skill position guys are all really fast and then they have been running the ball really well with their running backs and their fullback runs the ball really well. Then they have a big offensive line, those guys are tall and big and they can block out the sun on you a little bit. They have been able to create seams to get those runners started and once you get those runners started, they gain yards.”

Q: Is their willingness to stick to the running game what makes them better this year?

CRENNEL: “That seems to be because it looks like they have made a commitment to the run and they want to run the ball. They are trying to eliminate negative plays, not turn the ball over and if you can run the ball and not turn it over, you give yourself a chance to be in the game.”

Q: What can we expect to see with Raiders QB Jason Campbell?

CRENNEL: “Jason has won these last two games and scored 92 points as the quarterback so I think that they expect to continue that trend, that is what they are hoping for. I am hoping that they are not able to continue that trend. He has done a nice job of operating the offense and getting the ball into the hands of those speed guys and then he has enough ability, if you are able to get pressure on him, he can avoid it in the pocket, move and be able to make a throw or pull the ball down and run if he needs to.”

Q: What about RB Darren McFadden? What do you like about him?

CRENNEL: “Speed. Plus he is running really hard. He does a really nice job of planning and he cuts, he is going north and south and so that is impressive.”

Q: What about your guys late in the game vs. Buffalo not allowing anything. Is that one are that your team made progress with?

CRENNEL: “Yeah, you have to look at that as a move forward as this team grows and develops. A game like last week, I think that can help our growth and development because they fought for five quarters and all the way to the last play in those five quarters. They were able to step up and make plays when we had to in order to keep points off the board. That was a good learning experience and I think that it will help us going down the road. I told them, these division games are going to be like that and someone is going to have to step up and make a play if we are going to win.”

Q: Is this a typical Raiders offensive line where there are extra things going on at the end of the play?

CRENNEL: “Well, sometimes in the heat of battle you do get a little extra. I don’t know that they go overboard with it, they just look like they are trying to play football.”

Q: Do you guys talk about how winning this game could set you up well going forward with the season?

CRENNEL: “No. We just talk about winning this one and trying to get three wins in this quarter of the season. If we can do that it will be a big plus for us.”

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