Q&A with Romeo Crennel 12/17

Posted Dec 17, 2010

CRENNEL: “We had a very disappointing performance last week and it hurt us. I think our guys are trying to focus and get back to playing better football so that we can have a chance to win. That has been the focus all week, to try and beat the Rams and play one game at a time, one play at a time. We will see if we can get that done this week.”


Q: What do you have to do to stop RB Steven Jackson?

CRENNEL: “We have to understand that if a team will commit to the run than we also have to commit to stopping it with our technique by staying lower at the line of scrimmage, being more physical at the line of scrimmage to give ourselves a chance. If we don’t do that then generally it turns out that we won’t have a chance because it opens up some other stuff also.”

Q: LB Andy Studebaker talked about tackling and trying not to “jump off the diving board.” Did he get that phrase from you?

CRENNEL: “I think he has heard that before. Sometimes when you talk about tackling and you see guys trying to tackle, when you go off the diving board you leave your feet and you are just out there. You don’t have a chance to adjust or adapt and generally you miss the tackle. So we have been talking about not having any diving board tackles because if you go off the diving board generally you miss.”

Q: A couple players had said that this team just wasn’t ready for that game. How does that happen to professional athletes?

CRENNEL: “It is human nature. We are dealing with human beings and even though we want them to be up and on top of everything, the fact is that we are not always up and on top of everything all the time. When you are not at the top of your game and the other guys are, then you get beat. Last week they were at the top of their game and we were not at the top of ours. You don’t want to make excuses or anything like that. They just beat us and so now we have to try and redeem ourselves.”

Q: Can you sense when guys aren’t ready to play?

CRENNEL: “Yeah, sometimes you can sense that. Particularly in practice during the week depending on how many mistakes you make. If you are making too many then that says that they are not ready to go. Even with that, sometimes in the game you are not ready to go. but you can regroup, recover and get it back together and pick it up. We were not able to regroup and pick it up until the second half. Now in the second half we came out defensively and had more energy, were able to get some stops and got some turnovers but then we still fizzled in the fourth quarter.”

Q: How far ahead is Sam Bradford from your standard rookie QBs?

CRENNEL: “I think he has done a very nice job with what they are asking him to do. He is in that offense where he gets the ball out of his hands and into the hands of his playmakers and he is doing that. The guys are getting open for him and he has a couple guys that he depends on and counts on and he goes to those guys. He is doing a really good job. He manages the game well, he has the ability to move if the guys are covered and he can get outside the pocket and get away from the rush. I am impressed with what I see.”

Q: Has he made any rookie mistakes?

CRENNEL: “Well, of course. All rookies make mistakes you know and he has made some. Hopefully he will make some this Sunday (laughing).”

Q: What have you seen from RB Steven Jackson?

CRENNEL: “The thing that we have to do is we cannot give him seams because if you give the guy a seam he gets double-digit runs whether the seam is inside or outside. If you give him a seam he can get through the seam and he runs aggressively at the second level. He can make people miss and so that eight-yard gain turns into an 18-yard gain. That is the thing that we have to prevent.”

Q: So that is what you were talking about when you mentioned diving board tackles? It could be the difference between a short gain and a long gain?

CRENNEL: “Exactly.”

Q: Do you have a special rookie quarterback playbook that you refer to in order to get in the head of young QBs?

CRENNEL: “No, I don’t have any rookie QB playbooks because at this point in the season he has seen quite a bit. If it were earlier in the season you might be able to find some stuff that he hasn’t seen but he has seen quite a bit at this point. We just have to go play and do a good job of playing.”

Q: Was that as good as you have seen DE Tyson Jackson play?

CRENNEL: “No, Tyson was playing pretty good early in the year before he got hurt. After he got hurt it took him awhile to get back to where he was and I think he is back to where he was.”

Q: How much progress have you seen in Jackson?

CRENNEL: “I have seen good progress through the course of training camp and where he was in training camp and where he got to as we started the season. Like I said, before he got hurt, I thought he was playing pretty good.”

Q: Do the guys have more intensity after last night’s San Diego win vs. San Francisco?

CRENNEL: “We tell our players don’t worry about anybody else. What anybody else does really doesn’t affect us; we have it in our hands. If we win the games we are supposed to win, which are the next three, one at a time, we are going to be ok. That is what we have been talking about, so I think that is what they have been focusing on.”

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