Q&A with Romeo Crennel 12/22

Posted Dec 22, 2011

OPENING REMARKS: “Alright how’s everyone today? Alright, good.”

Q: How are you?

OPENING REMARLKS: “I’m a little cool. The temperature dropped on us pretty good. We had a little wind out there. But really it was good for us to practice in, particularly some of our southern guys who are not used to cold weather, they got a taste of it. I told them you might have to play in it on Saturday so be ready to go so that was good. But the guys are in good spirits. They are paying attention and they are working hard and so hopefully all of that carries over to the game Saturday. That has been the focus, is try to be ready on Saturday so we can go play the best game of the year and get us another victory. We know that it’s holiday season, it’s a home game and we are expecting our fans to be there and be pulling for us and they always help us when we are at home so we are excited about that but the biggest deal is it’s another challenge, another game against the Raiders and a game we need to win so we are looking forward to it and excited about it and we are going to put the best foot forward.

“As far as practice today, Jon McGraw was limited so I would say that he is probably doubtful for the game. Casey Wiegmann, he was limited today, he’s got a little calf strain but he took some reps and I think that he probably will be okay. Otherwise. everybody else seems to be alright and we are two days before the game now so we’ll be ready to go.”

Q: Bill Muir endorsed you today; you are getting endorsements from everybody. How does that sit with you?

CRENNEL: “I’ve worked with Bill a long time and we are just football coaches. We enjoy the game, we like to coach, we like to win and like I told you, I’ve won one game so let’s see if we can win another one and then whatever happens will happen after the season is over. The only thing I can control is my players and how we play and whether we win or lose or not. So that’s what I’m going to do.”

Q: Did you seek out advice on how to handle being an interim coach from Bill Muir or Emmitt Thomas?

CRENNEL: “No. I mean not really. I know that I can lean on these guys anytime I want to or need to and the biggest thing that I’ve done as far as leaning on them is to let them do their job. And that’s been the biggest thing because they are experienced coaching and they know the game of football and so I just let them do their job and that’s the biggest help they can be to me. And having had experience before, you kind of know what to expect about some aspects about the job. The culture of the organization you are dealing with you might not know that completely but because I’ve been here a little bit I have an idea about that so I didn’t feel like I needed to call people and say what do you think about this or what do you think about that? I know the players; I know most of the people, many of the people in the building, not all of the people in the building. The people that I work with on a daily basis, I know those guys and I know what they’re about and you just grab it.”

Q: You’ve been a head coach before and now you are the interim coach, that’s got to give you a little bit of a leg up.

CRENNEL: “Well I don’t know whether it does or not. Generally interim means interim when you look around the league, that generally is what happens but like I say, we are just trying to win the game against the Raiders and after the season is over something is going to happen and it won’t happen until then I believe. So we’re going to do the best we can until then.”

Q: Was there something specific about Kyle Orton’s ability or the game plan that allowed you to utilize so many different receivers last week?

CRENNEL: “That was a combination of things. But Kyle was able to go through is progression and get to the open receiver many times and that occurs when the offensive line gives you time to go through that progression and the line did a good job of protecting and Kyle did a good job of reading and then the receivers, they did a good job of finishing their routes so that they could be open. And so it all worked hand-in-hand and it worked well last week.”

Q: Do you hate the Raiders?

CRENNEL: “Do I hate the Raiders? To be honest with you I really don’t hate anybody. But I dislike the Raiders because they are a divisional opponent and they are going to try to whip me basically. And I don’t like to get beat so I’m going to put the best foot forward and I’m going to do a good job against these guys but I don’t hate the Raiders. It’s a big rivalry, I understand that and the fans, they might want to hear me say I hate the Raiders. But that would be me walking down the street and you want me to say I hate this guy over here because he’s just walking down the street. That’s not the case, when you talk about hate, I think hate is a strong word and I don’t hate anybody.”

Q: How do you keep from scoreboard watching Sunday?

CRENNEL: “It’s hard to do because human nature tells you to look at that scoreboard and see what’s going on and what’s happening so I tell my guys, you have to focus on the job at hand and the job at hand is the Raider game and that’s the only thing we can control. We cannot control what Buffalo does, we cannot control what Denver does, the only thing we can control is what we do. So if we go and do what we are supposed to do and win the game, that’s all we can do.”

Q: Are you going to allow the scoreboard to be on in the stadium this week for people to see that score or do you not want to know?

CRENNEL: “Well I think that scoreboard has been on every time we have played up there so I don’t expect it’s going to change.”

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