Q&A with Romeo Crennel

Posted Feb 7, 2012

ROMEO CRENNEL: “Good morning. How’s everyone? I’m pleased to announce that Brian Daboll has been named offensive coordinator. We went through the process of talking to several people, I’ve known Brian for several years, I’ve worked with him and I find him to be very thorough. He’s worked with the defense, coached the wide receivers, coached the quarterbacks, been a coordinator in this league, been to several different teams, has worked with several different coaches from Nick Saban to Bill Belichick to Tony Sparano and I think that through the years he’s gained valuable experience. I know that a lot of people say that he’s another guy from the New England tree, but it’s been a while since he’s been in New England and I just happen to be from that New England tree also so sometimes knowing people and knowing what they’re about is important and in this case it was important to me plus I know he’s a good person, he’s a very hard worker, he’s smart, and he’ll do a good job for the Chiefs. That’s why I hired Brian as we went through the process. So I’m excited about it, I know that he’ll do a good job for us and when we win games I think everybody will be excited about it. So with that I’ll open it up for questions.”

Q: What kind of offense did you guys talk about him running for this team?

CRENNEL: “What we talked about, and I know that when we worked together is that we always tried to game plan for the opponent but I think having balance in the offense, we talked about having balance in the offense as far as the running game and passing game goes and I think that’s what you can see. I think that this league as we look at the NFL, if you’ve got a quarterback that can perform, that helps you. And so he understands about the quarterback position, he understands about the complimentary positions that go with it and so you can see a little bit of everything. I think that the offense will be all-encompassing. You could see some no huddle, you could see some multiple tight ends, you can see two-back, you can see one back, we can see it all. Now to say that it’s similar to what we did last year or it’s similar to New England or it’s similar to Miami, probably it’s more similar to what Miami was doing than anything else but you saw runs, you saw play actions, you saw shock plays and I think that’s what we’ll have in an offense.”

Q: How much did Brian’s familiarity with Matt Cassel play into this decision and how much of a say did Scott Pioli have in this?

CRENNEL: “I know that Brian had worked with Matt and knew Matt but the important thing was Brian’s development as a football coach and what he’s done in his career. And I know it hasn’t been a long career as far the coordinator position goes, but having worked closely with him, because when I was up in New England and running the defense, Brian was working for me at that time and he was on the defensive side of the ball and I saw him learn defense, understand defense and then move to the offensive side of the ball, coach wide receivers then move and coach quarterbacks and then became an offensive coordinator to run the whole offense so it’s more about Brian than Matt Cassel.”

Q: Personality-wise, Daboll seems a little more fiery at times than you are known to be. Was it important to have that diversity within the coaching staff?

CRENNEL: “The thing that came into the decision is that fact that I know he’s a good football coach. And I know that coaches, there are a lot of different styles in coaching, and I know that all styles can work and it’s not necessary that I have a guy that’s a different style than I am. It’s important that the guy be a good football coach, know his job and be able to execute his job at a high level.”

Q: How much input did Scott Pioli have on this hire and why did it seem to take so long to get this hire done?

CRENNEL: “Well you know Brian was under contract for a while and they’ve got some rules in the NFL that says when a guy is under contract, you have to wait until he is free or you have to wait until you are given permission and I think Miami wanted to try and keep Brian and they didn’t want to let him go and so we had to wait to work through that process. In the meantime we did talk to other people about it, about the position, but when Brian became available and after talking with him we felt like he was the best for the Chief and I made the decision to hire the guy.”

Q: So it was your decision 100%?

CRENNEL: “Yes it was.”

Q: How specifically is Daboll different now than when you were with him in New England?

CRENNEL: “After working with him when I worked with him early on he was just a young whippersnapper then, and then through the interview process I saw maturity, I saw here he has matured, he had different things that came through during the interview process, he was thoughtful about how he wanted to do things, how he wanted to implement concepts and I felt like that as a result of that, that maturity showed through.”

Q: Do you expect Jim Zorn to be back?

CRENNEL: “I do and I hope that Jim stays. I know that anytime you interview for the coordinator job you have hopes of getting it and it didn’t work out for him here at this time but I told Jim that I wanted him to stay and hoped that he would stay and I expect him to stay. I don’t know what else might happen for him but if nothing happens for him then I expect him to be here and Jim is a good coach, I think he’ll do a good job with the quarterbacks so we’re looking forward to him being here and going forward.”

Q: How much closer are you to filling the other spots on your staff?

CRENNEL: “We’ve got an offensive line spot that we need to fill and an assistant offensive line spot. I have a direction that I’m going with the receivers and so we’ve got a couple of spots that we’ve got to look at. Hopefully it won’t take as long as it took with Brian but I think that you have to go through the process and that’s one of the things that we wanted to do was be thorough in the process.”

Q: Will Brian coach a position?

CRENNEL: “No. He is a coordinator. Now as a coordinator he will be able to go into every meeting room on the offensive side of the ball but he’s going to coordinate the offense and go from there.”

Q: There were stories out about Brian screaming and Colt McCoy maybe having to take off his helmet, was that stuff overblown or is that something that he’s worked on and maybe become more calm after the last couple of years?

CRENNEL: “You will have to ask Brian that question because I didn’t get to that in the interview, about him dealing with whatever quarterbacks he’s dealt with but it seems like in Miami he had a pretty good relationship with quarterbacks. I haven’t heard any quarterbacks complain to me about him on the field or in the headset or anything else.”

Q: What were some things that you noticed in New England that suggested he may be an up-in-comer in the league someday?

CRENNEL: “One, how hard he worked. Extremely hard worker and then how smart he was as far as picking up our schemes on defense and doing the things that we asked him to do in the position that he was in. And we asked and demanded a lot and he was able to handle all of those situations and then afterwards he was able to go to the other side of the ball and coach the wide receivers, which it’s no easy job coaching wide receivers. I think wide receiver and DBs are similar kinds of guys. They’re on the edge of the offense and of the defense and many times they feel like they are an entity to themselves and having to deal with those guys can be difficult but I saw him as a young coach go over there and handle those guys and I kind of knew then that he had pretty good future.”

Q: What was the circumstance of him moving over to offense?

CRENNEL: “The fact that Bill recognized, and when I say Bill, Belichick, recognized the potential that he had and he didn’t want to lose him so we moved him to the offense and let him coach offense.”

Q: Is it fair to say Brain will have more autonomy than most offensive coordinators since so much of your time and attention will be taken up with defense?

CRENNEL: “To a degree he will because I’m going to depend on him to handle the offensive side of the ball. But with that being said, because of our relationship we are going to be able to sit down and say this is how we need to attack an opponent, this is what we need to do in the game plan and then I expect Brian to implement those things.”

Q: How long have you guys been talking with Brian?

CRENNEL: “How long excuse me?”

Q: How long have you been in contact with Brian to get him to KC?

CRENNEL: “Well I’ve known Brian for a long time but we weren’t able to talk to him until we got the permission from Miami and so then we jumped on it at that time. We had competition for him because there were several other teams that were interested in him but I’m very happy that we ended up winning out.”

Q: Was he the first one you offered the job to?


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