Q&A with Tamba Hali 12/21

Posted Dec 21, 2011

Q: After 14 games, how are you feeling?

HALI: “The body is hurting right now. I can’t say much about it, it’s part of our job but it’s exciting to do it again this week coming up.”

Q: Is there any one thing that clicked to put the defense where it’s at?

HALI: “Coach [Romeo Crennel] has been preaching more togetherness, playing as a unit, doing our job, not trying to do too much. Before, me as a player I wanted to do too much but we have responsibilities on the field and lately we have been sticking to doing what he have to get done and then go help out. So I think just playing together as a unit.”

Q: What does it mean to you to be fourth in Chiefs history in career sacks?

HALI: “I don’t try to think about it too much. You’re speaking about some guys that I looked up at. These are players that put in a lot of years and a lot of work and just for you to mention my name around their names, it’s great but at the end of the day I can’t really concentrate on that. Still young in the game, trying to become a better player each and every day but it’s a neat thing to know that I’m up there with those guys a little bit.”

Q: Does it ever get frustrating that you get held, dragged to the ground, tackled and harassed as much as you do without a flag ever being thrown?

HALI: “Yes it gets frustrating. But like you said, it’s the nature of the position. Those guys are going to hold, they are going to pull you to the ground and one thing we’ve got to do as rushers, we’ve just got to be consistent in what we are doing and persistent and relentless in trying to get to that quarterback. But it’s frustrating.”

Q: Do you ever say anything to the refs?

HALI: “You want to be nice to those guys, they’re human beings but yes sometimes I will say something and just tell them to look out a little bit, these guys are really starting to mug us out here. It’s part of the game, they could call holding every play if they chose.”

Q: How different is Carson Palmer going to be this time then last time when he was just getting acquainted with their offense?

HALI: “I guess it’s been about maybe five or six weeks so he’s probably acquainted with that offense and has got his timing down with the wide receivers. It will be a little different, he’s still a good quarterback, he’s still able to execute.”

  Q: It looks like you all enjoy Romeo Crennel is that the case, not just the defense but the whole team?

HALI: “Yes. He’s very motivating. He treats us like men. He does expect a lot from us but he knows what it takes to work this business and how the body feels and we’re people too. We love Romeo, if that’s the question you asked then we love Romeo. He’s a, I mean I don’t know how to put it. He’s one of those coaches that’s been a coach in this league, he’s got five Super Bowls, with that type of résumé you want someone around that can help us get to the top.”

Q: Do you hope he keeps being the head coach on a permanent basis?

HALI: “Yes. I think anybody on this team would agree with me, if we can keep Romeo as our head coach here it would be great. We love what he does and his game plan and as you can see what happened on Sunday, he was able to control the clock along with our quarterback and that’s something we haven’t been able to do here in a long time is control the clock. Now to win games.”

Q: There is one way you can maybe make his chances better of getting the job, by winning these next two games?

HALI: “Yes. I believe we’ve got to come out and take care of business. We’ve got the Oakland Raiders this week and that’s our focus. Whatever happens with coach, let’s just hope it’s in the favor of the team.”

Q: How much does having Justin Houston on the other side help you?

HALI: “Sorry I really can’t comment on my teammates. It’s already been told to me that I shouldn’t talk about my teammates. So I can’t really elaborate about anything about Justin. But I know he is a heck of a player, he comes out there and he lays it on the line every game.”

Q: Does it surprise you that you have a chance to make the playoffs with everything that has happened this year?

HALI: “We can’t talk playoffs right now.”

Q: We can’t?

HALI: “No we’ve got to continue to just focus on one game, that’s beating the Oakland Raiders.”

Q: How did your pre-game process develop?

HALI: “When Todd [Haley] first got here, coming from Penn State, we’re used to going out as a unit, warming up up there with Coach [Larry] Johnson at Penn State. When I got here it was like a new thing, guys just go out and do whatever they want. We come out as a team and have stretching and come back out and play a game. I got hurt my first couple of years not doing those types of things I was used to and it came about with Todd saying ‘you’ve got to get out there, you’ve got to stretch, you’ve got to run around, do what you do, create yourself a little routine each week.’ I started doing it and Joe [Kim], just been working with Joe for three years now and he and I go out there and it’s like any sprinter will do it. They’ll go out here and run sprints until they are tired a couple of hours before the game. They’ve got one sprint and they’ve got to do well and it’s almost like the same idea. I need to get tired, catch my second wind, be real loose so when the game starts, if those guys are a little tight, that gives me an edge to get the work done.”

Q: Do you still have enough at the end of the game?

HALI: “I do. If you’re talking about getting tired last week, that was our first time really getting a chance to rush the passer knowing that he’s throwing the ball each down. It helps, it definitely helps.”

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